This week I received a 4.5 STAR review from DARK DIVA REVIEWS for the second book in the XTC Resorts series, Invitation to Ecstasy. *see me snoopy dancing around the house*

Jae said …

“A roller-coaster of emotion and some of the most emotionally dramatic BDSM scenes I’ve read in quite a while are contained within Invitation to Ecstasy by Nina Pierce. Ms. Pierce’s writing is very enjoyable. There’s a terrific balance of down-to-earth narrative, humor, and intensity that draws the reader along from the very first page.”

So glad you enjoyed it, Jae! This book came out last August and I think it sort of got buried in the busy-ness of the summer. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite lines from the book. In no particular order…

1. But heartache? Heartache ripped at the soul, leaving gaping holes of emptiness that nothing could fill—-not even pain.

2. Something had triggered Sara’s retreat, and it was his promise as her Master to let the pain shatter the walls surrounding that fear and release the darkness clouding her eyes.

3. Though she worked out regularly, thirty-seven years of gravity were working hard to sink the parts of her body Sara was trying to keep afloat.

4. It was the purgatory of memories that Sara had intended to purge when she’d left the main lodge. All she had to do was go into the cabana, slay the dragons causing her nightmares and close the book on one ugly-ass chapter of her life.

5. “It’s a rough gig, living here in paradise with beautiful men and women running around half naked.” Ethan shrugged. “But hey, someone’s got to do it, and I’m willing to take one for the team.”

6. He leaned close, overwhelming her senses with the spicy scent of him. “Keep it up, Sara,” Derek whispered, his breath feathering heat across her cheek. “Punishing you for your defiance will be entirely my pleasure.”

7. Derek’s instincts had been right about this wounded bird, the one who made his heart race and his libido scream for mercy. The scars on her heart had been inflicted by a man who had promised to love her.

8. A cold rush of fear slid down her spine, pulling her back from the tenuous edge of trust.

9. The tranquil ocean had become a maelstrom of chop. The wind whipped it into a foamy frenzy that seemed intent on drowning her.

10. Spreading open her robe, Derek laid his palm between her breasts. “Here. It’s going to hurt here.”


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