Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. This week I’ve chosen six sentences from my novella set in a NY vineyard, Divine Deception. Since I just received my copies of the print anthology it’s include in, I thought I’d celebrate this Sunday.

This scene takes place after Nick, who’s coming back to sell the family vineyard meets the cellarmaster’s assistant, Francesca. Frankie’s desperately trying to save the failing vineyard … and her home.

“I’m sure Nick is hungry after his long motorcycle ride from the city streets of Philly where he works so darn hard making a living and carousing with women,” Frankie said.

“Pharmaceutical research sure as hell beats worrying about the weather and sugar content of grapes,” Nick snipped before shooting back the last of his wine and splashing another generous amount into his glass. It wasn’t how a gentleman enjoyed a fine vintage but tonight he neither felt like a gentleman nor a connoisseur of wines. Tonight, he’d ignore the elephant of bankruptcy swinging from the chandelier and suffer through this farce of a family dinner raging drunk. “Any Neanderthal can mash and ferment grapes. It doesn’t take a Mensa certificate to squeeze grape juice into a refractometer and test for sugar levels, Francesca.”

I always appreciate all the comments I receive every week. Thanks so much for taking time to let me know what you think of the six sentences. Click HERE to find other amazing authors participating in today.

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