I know. I know. So many of you out there really don’t care for the The Twilight series.

I love the premise of the story. I loved the books. There I’ve said it. It’s not a popular feeling among my collegues and I almost didn’t say anything about my love of these stories because I know so many who visit here don’t like the stories at all.

Yes, some famous authors and some not so famous authors have said that Stephanie Meyer is basically a hack writer. I don’t know about that. Many say the same thing about Nicholas Sparks. But both of these authors have found a voice and stories that resonate with readers.

Isn’t that what we want as authors? Isn’t that why we tell our stories? To connect with readers and hope they fall in love with our characters even as they fall in love with each other? As much as many people don’t like either Meyer or Sparks, they definitely have connected with a significant number of readers, including me. And at the moment I couldn’t tell you what has me devouring these books when I pick them up. Maybe because they are quick reads and fit the bill when I’m looking for something that isn’t deep with complicated twisting plots. Ya know, kind of a “beach read”.

What do you think? Love ’em or Hate ’em? (I don’t think there’s any middle ground.) And will you be among the masses (like me) making your way to the theater to watch the movie? Here’s the trailer…

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  • I think that she did a great job with the books. That said, by the time I got half way into the third book, I was bored. Plus, when it was announced who was playing Edward I was out of there. RPat is NOT my Edward. Taylor has Jacob is awesome and I love Stewart as Belle. Those two were what I pictured in my head when I was reading the books.

    I still haven’t finished the books and I have never seen any of the movies. I can’t really say that I hate it all but I will say that the movies ruined it for me.

    BTW, if I had to pick….Team Jacob all the way.

    • Marika – I’m team Jacob as well! Pattinson, though I love him in many movies, doesn’t really cut it as a vampire for me.

      I loved the books. The only problem is they are YA and they got pretty predicatable.

  • Could not get through the first book. Read some then started skipping just to get to the end. Sure did not bother trying to read the others. I’m firmly in the dislike camp. I do like the score from the first movie. Great music.

    • JC – You’re not alone. There were so many who didn’t get through the books. I flew through them. But I couldn’t tell you exactly what pulled me in.

  • I love the Twilight series! Can’t wait for the movie! I saw the first movie and that is what got me started on the series… I enjoyed reading all the books and it did nothing to ruin the movies for me.

  • Haven’t read them. Don’t want to.
    I’ve heard the writing in the first book is very poor. I don’t know.

    My complaint is with the subject content and YAs. I don’t like the idea of a violent conception and Belle drinking blood for the baby.

    I know that the unusual is what sparks interest, but I think people need to stand back and see what they’re buying into.

    I also don’t like seeing announcements about it on the news every five seconds. Come on. It’s not that newsworthy.

    • Cindy – LOL! I have to agree with the media saturation, it’s getting obnoxious. And there are movies where I can’t separate the actual facts from the fantasy of the story. But this particular series has sucked me right in and I’m enjoying the fantasy of the story.

      And as far as the writing, this is one of those few series where the author in me didn’t kick in and critique the writing.

  • Well I must admit. I saw the first movie first. I didn’t realize there were books out there until my friend told me the movie was nothing like the book. I said, there’s books and she said; “oh yeah four books.” I bought the first book and I was hooked like a junkie.
    I love my Vampire books and I must admit the sparkle thing is ridiculous but I can over look it. I found it interesting that they didn’t have fangs, and there bite was poisonous. However I love Edward. He is the broody, snarky, pouting Vampire that most Vampires are. Most of them hate being a Vampire. For they feel like they have lost most of there humanity. That’s why I love to see a good herione come in and save them from themselves.

    As far as Taylor Lautner playing Jacob and being a good Jacob. I’m not going to comment to much. I’m Native American and the only choices that I was happy with was Alex playing Paul and Sam, with Gill Birmingham who is friends with my family playing the Native American roles. Taylor Lautner has about as much Indian in him as I have Jewish. Enough said on that. I’m a very traditional Indian who was brought up with the Legends of my people being Were’s. There’s only two American Indian tribes who have the Legends of Werewolves in there race and that is Navijo and the Mohawk people. I’m with the latter. I’m very proud of who and where I came from and I just felt they should have casted more traditional Natives. Especially for the part of Jacob. Gill played such a wonderful father to Jacob..

    I felt that Robert Patterson did a great job. I also could see the guy who plays Stafan in the Vampire Diaries playing Edwards part. They kind of share the same life.

    I’m going to see the movie tomm night and I can’t wait.

    Teresa K.
    tcwgrlup41(at)yahoo dot com

    • Teresa – Wow, I never looked at the characters from the Native American heritage standpoint. I love Taylor Lautner as Jacob, but I don’t have the connection to the history that you have (which must be very awesome). I can see how that could rankle since he isn’t Native American.

      I’m seeing the movie on Saturday when the crowds have thinned just a little (I hope).

  • I’m going to the midnight showing of the movie! I like the movies, but I love the books. This series renewed my love for reading. I had been away from reading for awhile after having my kids and my neice brought the books to me and said read these. I was hooked and soon was devouring any other vampire romance I could find. I laugh because I would have never thought that I would read, much less love, vampire books. I never had any interest in vampires or spooky things. I avoided those things in books, movies, etc. I still don’t like Stephen King’s books or others like him, but give me the romantic vampires, werewolves, etc. and I am all over it! Now if we could just get stephenie meyer to give us Midnight Sun, I’d be sooo happy! 😀

    • Brenda – Who would have thought vampires and werewolves could make sexy heroes in romance novels? I was enamored with them before I found Twilight. And I’m certainly enjoying the resurgence of the genre since these books have become so popular.

      I don’t much care for Stephen King either. But his stories are horror and not romance.

      Enjoy the movie!

  • Totally get the concept and the appeal. Hate the execution. Simple as that.

  • I do enjoy them, both the books and the movies. I have to agree with you, although not a fan of Nicholas Sparks, these authors do touch people and that’s the point of writing. I have always been on Team Edward, not necessarily Patterson, though I do like him.

    • Marie – Hard to argue with their success when so many people are reading their books! I still think Bella should have ended up with Jacob. LOL!

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