I’m actually recycling one of my favorite posts from last year. Not only because it got a lot of reaction and started some great discussions, but because I just don’t have the energy to pull something new and exciting from the well today. The Pierce house has been thrown a major curve ball and we’re kind of reeling from the impact not sure what’s going to happen next. Add to the fact that I’m trying to push through the edits of the third book in the Tilling Passions series and I’m just a little overwhelmed. Don’t worry, I’ll be back on my feet by the end of the weekend. In the meantime, please enjoy the post and all my Friday eye candy!

Okay I’m going to admit it. I LOVE the male torso. There is nothing sexier than those deep ridges accenting a sculpted abdomen. Can’t you just imagine running your hands over all the warm skin or better yet…licking along every rise and fall?


Well maybe it’s just me and maybe it’s because I’ve become rather fanatical about the male torso since I started writing. (That’s my excuse. Actually I grew up on a beach and my fondness for the shirtless male came at a very young age…but I digress.) In my stories I don’t have the luxury of a picture to show the detail. It’s the description that drops the reader into the arms of my hunky heroes. The words that create the visual stimulus that makes a reader sigh with satisfaction. I know you’re thinking “well DUH, way to state the obvious Nina”.

But here’s my confession as I’ve gotten older it seems I’m moving farther in age from those really hunky young guys that totally make me drool. But I’m okay with that. It seems though many around me aren’t. Some get squicked out with the whole “he’s too young for me” thing. Well, yeah, that’s true. But I’m not talking about sleeping with the guy, just admiring him. Beauty is ageless in my opinion. And a great work of art whether it’s a brand new painting or a classic by Renoir should be enjoyed at any age.

I do have the added curiosity of REALLY looking at men (and women) now to see the subtle nuances of an alluring body. It gets kind of boring (for me and the reader) to paint every man or woman with the same broad brush strokes of the cliched descriptions. It’s the newness, the fresh angle that keeps the words flowing for me and (hopefully) the pages turning for the reader. So I stare and I admire.

That’s just how I see it. It has nothing to do with the young man’s age or whether it’s appropriate for me to be with him. It’s about the beauty of the package. (Okay … now YOU need to get your mind out of his pants and back to his chest.) I meant the WHOLE package. Is it really so wrong to outwordly admire someone who is the same age as your children? Or am I way off base here?

I’d love to know how you see it. And while we’re at it … what part of the anatomy catches your attention?

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  • I admire all the pictures! 🙂 Nothing wrong with a little eye candy.

  • I’m with you, Nina! It’s appreciation, that’s all. 😉 I do love a nice torso, but the first thing that snags my attention is a strong pair of arms. Not the super-bulge-y ones, just nicely defined, like your pic #3.

  • Amber – But the question is, would you opening admire them in real-life?

  • Virginia – And that’s true about young men who haven’t hit their stride. But I swooned like a giddy teenager when Taylor Lautner took off his shirt in the movie “New Moon”. I thought my daughters were going to crawl under their seats in the theater. It’s the physique for sure. I really just don’t mind if it’s on an 18 year old or a 50 year old. Is that bad?

  • Chassily – Yeah, I didn’t even get into the whole forearm/biceps thing. *sigh* And hands? A nice strong hand that can um … well, you get the idea. That will get my motor revved as well. According to some studies it’s an evolutionary adaptation for females to seek the strongest male for procreation purposes. But like I said, I don’t want to sleep with them, I just want to admire them.

    Zrinka – Ya think? I’m not sure EVERY guy who looks this way is preening for the home team. At least in my fantasy world they’re not. 🙂 And since I’m just looking and not shopping it really is moot. (Still … in my rich fantasy life … they’re ALL straight! *g*)

  • Oh yeah, my eye wanders, and my imagination fires up. But that’s all it is, a fantasy. Look but don’t touch. Despite what Demi has with Ashton (the lucky witch, LOL). I do like a well cut torso, and also nicely shaped arms. Strong forearms are yummy. Did I mention strong thighs? hehe

    “Where There’s Heat”, The Wild Rose Press, coming soon

  • Since I started writing romance (and reading more of it), I’ve noticed a change in me, too. I can’t help but look.

    And what I like? The top up – it’s the arms. Down – the butt. I love a nice, round, well, you know!

    I can’t stand men who wear pants that are falling off. It looks like they don’t have a butt at all.

    Loved the pics (and the pecs!).

  • Nina, I absolutely loved this blog post. I feature a weekly post on my blog which boasts a lot of sculpted male torsos, some by popular demand, and others just fresh off the photo market. But I have found that many of my readers cringe a bit on the age of some of the men featured on the blog. As you said in your post, they see only the age as being near their own children and not the beautiful body before them.

    I, myself, love to admire the male body and have always thought the male, in general, was more interesting, both in body and in mind. I love the way they think, the way they react, the way they decide on things and hold firm to it, and the way they sometimes impose their dominant physiques upon us. Ok, so I’m gushing right now, but I, even at my near-cougar age, I don’t think there is anything wrong with looking, admiring, and often times drooling over a man’s perfect composition no matter what age he is.

    And since you asked, my favorite part of a man’s anatomy is the abs, no wait! The chest. No….the arms…..hell. I like the whole torso! I can’t pick just one.

    And I liked how you mentioned hands in your post. I sometimes feel like I am the only woman who looks at a man’s hands. If they are in any way feminine, I run. I love a good large, strong, masculine set of hands on a man and I always, ALWAYS look, no matter how sexy the rest of him is. I will always glance at his hands.

    Ok, I think I’ve ranted enough here….sorry.
    Nina, I love this post and I’m so glad to hear your stance on it. BTW, I also love your blog name –> Around the Writer’s Block. Brilliant, it is! I have added your blog to my blog roll at Past the Print.

  • Yanno, I think Megan and I had this same conversation with some of the ladies at the Lori Foster Gathering. I asked how much older than the man a woman had to be to be considered a Cougar (cuz Megan, myself and couple others weren’t really thinking we were old enough to be considered for the title). None of us could decide on anything, other than the fact that we are all Cougars in one way or another, lol.

    I am happily married, and I have no plans to touch what I look at. But I do appreciate a well-formed body of any age. It’s not like I’m going to proposition said 21 year old cutie, but I may ask him to stand still for a photo for me. I truly do love the male form, as evidenced by my Saturday Hotties, but I have no intentions of touching anyone who’s not my hubby. So, in my opinion… enjoy the landscape and drool away, girl.

  • Okay Nina, those are some darn nice abs, I don’t care how old you are. I recently took my daughters to see Prince of Persia. My friend asked me if the movie was any good. Heck yeah it’s good. When I can spend two hours staring at Jake Gyllenhaal’s abs, in the dark, in the name of bonding with my kids, it’s a good movie.Never mind that fact that I couldn’t come up with any stunning commentary about the movie’s storyline, or that Jake G. is probably young enough to be my…. really really younger brother. Oh yeah, abs are good.


  • Nina,
    Loved this blog. Oh, I so needed these nice photos today. (sighs)
    The part I think is the sexiest is that little vein that goes down into the top of his pants – or maybe two of them? OMG

    And the young guys don’t always have that. So, I guess I’d have to say I like them built, with a nice package, and all the little delicious details that make him different from other men: his stubble, his tan or lack thereof (both are sexy), that darned vein (I am a Cougar when I see that one!), the hair roughed up or just long enough for a polytail (no scruncies, PLEASE!), the fact that he wears his pants too low IN FRONT, I’M SORRY, but the baggy boxers just don’t do it for me. If all those things are working right, I can even see him breathing and can tell what he smells like in the picture.


  • Luanna – Yeah well, the thighs … I didn’t even go there. But most definitely those too. And I appreciate that you agree with the look-don’t-touch appraisal. So I’m not a cougar?

  • Stacy – a butt man! I think you’re the first to admit admiring that gem of the male anatomy. I didn’t look at guys butts until my roommate in college told me I was totally off my rocker. But then it became obsessive and I had to break the habit. Now I stick to the torso. And shoulders … did I mention wide shoulders?

  • Renee – THANK YOU. Case in point. Looking at is not lusting after. Why would one cringe over the age? Besides a man with nicely sculpted abs/biceps has spent hours maintaining himself for the purpose of being admired. It would be a sin to not appreciate his efforts regardless of his age. (And thanks for the blogroll add. I’ll happily return the favor of linkage.)

  • Kealie – The cougar line is a hard one to draw, but I’m DEFINITELY over it. LOL! I feel so much better with so many of you agreeing with the “enjoy the landscape” philosophy. (And I don’t think you’re old enough to be considered a cougar, not by a loooong shot.)

  • Boone – ROFLMAO!!! Nice going taking one for the team in the name of parental bonding moments. Oh the sacrifices we mothers make. *sigh*

  • Sharon – sorry I had to get a fan and an ice cold drink after reading your comment. All I can say is … yeah, like she said. (Now to find the cleaner for the keyboard, dang that drool.)

  • Love wide, strong shoulders and a great butt. I agree with Stacy on that part of the anatomy. I also love longer hair on a guy. That’s the first thing I notice–his hair. Love intense eyes with long eyelashes. The color doesn’t matter, although an icy blue will make me melt.

    I agree with you, Nina, that a nice torso will make me drool. Are we cougars? Heck no! We’re just regular women who love to look at men.

    Great topic!


  • Lynn – Thank you. I’ll put another tick mark in the “of course it’s okay and no you’re not a cougar” category. But you and Stacy are the only admitted butt watchers at the moment…

  • Well, i wouldn’t say that… I adore a good butt… in fact when a friend was in town and dragged me kicking and screaming to the “male revue” our favorite thing was to make the guys turn around so we could ogle the backsides.

    Nina, someone told me the cutoff was if you were ten years older than the object of your lust. But since don’t PURSUE them, I’m not a Cougar anyway, so neither are you. That was one thing we all agreed on… but some people think just looking and drooling qualifies you for cougar status… but :-p ~~~~~~~~~ on them is my opinion. 😀

  • Kealie – I’m not allowed to go to one of those reviews. I think my friends think I would embarrass them. LOL! And really, I don’t get the whole looking is squicky thing.

  • Great post Deb!

  • Nina

    Love this blog big time!

    The men are great, the bodies delicious but down to the serious question – I love arm pits, under arms ( whatever you want to call it) – that delicate, pale bit of skin in the crease of the arm that rarely sees the sun and has the softest, most silkiest hairs ever. Men don’t often let you see – or more to the point – touch this bit – too tickly I’m told – but a lovely, fresh pit to snuggle into is a seriously sexy moment ! Anyone else there on the pit fetish?

    Lily x

  • Pam – Thanks … but of course I want to know what you think. 😉

  • Lily – OMG! I LOVE that soft hair! I wouldn’t have admitted it if you hadn’t first. But these days too many men are shaving the armpits and it makes me so sad. Seeing that hair is soooo sexy in my opinion.

  • Virna – I don’t have any guys in my life with dimples, but they seem to find their way to the faces of many of my heroes. Sometimes I have to remember to edit them OUT because I think they really show the humorous vulnerability of a man and I’m afraid I’m overusing them.

  • I think I look more than when I was younger. LOL. Great post today.

  • Sue – Isn’t that the truth. In my younger days I wasn’t looking … I was cruising. LOL!

  • I’m right there with you, Nina! A sculpted body is a beautiful sight.
    Thanks for the eye candy!


  • Hi, Nina,

    I think the cougar title is bestowed for actions (aggressive seduction of younger men), not attitudes. Look all you want!

    As for parts of the male body that attract–I’m probably the only romance author/reader in the house that likes body hair. On the right guy, of course, and in moderation. But I love a trail of dark curls that runs from the guy’s navel down into his shorts…makes you want to follow along. I love pubic hair, too. I find shots of guys with shaved groins rather repulsive. And hair in the armpits, silky and redolent of man-smell…

    What can I say? I grew up during the hippie period. Hair means power!

    I get so tired of hairless, cut torsos. I’ve explicitly asked my cover artists not to use them on my covers. (Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don’t ;^) Of course, if all the readers like them, I suppose I should learn live with them! But I don’t have to like them!


  • I’m a little late commenting but thought I’d add this. Yesterday I was talking to the very proper Morman missionary girls, wearing long skirts and buttoned up to the chin, when this very hot guy ran by sans shirt. Of course I couldn’t help looking while they were totally oblivious so I said “Don’t look now girls but one of God’s greatest creations just ran by!” Of course they turned to look and then looked back at me giggling and blushing. I couldn’t help teasing them about how it wasn’t wrong to look since God had created that body. . . .I’m so wicked! (Insert evil laughter)

  • Nothing at all wrong with looking, regardless of our age, Nina! When I can screw up enough courage, I’ve even been known to thank the hunk for letting me see how lovely he is. The payoff for that? He usually grins and the really cute ones manage a blush. I don’t think men get enough verbal compliments and they’ll happily accept them from any ol’ gal who’s willing to give them.

    And, remember, you’re only a cougar if you pounce!

  • Lisabet – I hear you on this younger generations revulsion of hair. I even chatted about it here. Why is it necessary to remove EVERYTHING? I love the soft feel of a man’s hair. The musky scent of my man. Yeah, it’s quite a turn on for me.

  • Adele – You are MORE than welcome! 😉

  • Connie – I LOVE it. And there you have it … one of God’s greatest creations!

  • Missy – It’s so true what you’re saying about the compliments. Men just don’t get enough. And isn’t it fun to get the cute blush from them. Though I must admit, I’ve never been brave enough to thank a man for sharing. That IS brave of you…you go girl!

  • Virginia – Interesting perception on how mothers are perceived. And movies? Well, when I do sit down to watch something I like comedy first and intrigue second. That being said it’s romantic comedies I prefer over everything. Of course they’re predictable, but I think it’s why I love ’em.

  • Once again I’m so busy studying the photos I can’t read the text. But thanks for the photos!

  • I seriously love a naked male torso. I could stare for hours and hours. Beauty is beauty and just because I want to lick chocolate sauce off of every nook and cranny, there’s nothing wrong with that!!!!!

  • Zee – I’m definitely an upper torso kind of gal. There’s something about strong shoulders that just makes me swoon. Well that and a guy’s forearms and hands … ohhh, I love hands. LOL!

    I hear you on Taylor Lautner. There’s nothing like having the whole package of sexy eyes, great smile and a killer set of abs.

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