This week most of Six Sentence Sunday is taking this week off. But I’m just beginning to get in the groove of this meme. I love to find six … just six lines from one of my books that intrigue the reader. This week I’ve got six from Invitation to Ecstasy. I hope you enjoy …

Lying on her private stretch of beach for over an hour, the morning sun cocooning her in warmth, Sara had been going over and over every detail of the previous night. She kept coming back to the same conclusion—Derek wasn’t as inexperienced as Ethan had led her to believe.

A gentle breeze blew off the ocean, cooling her skin and fluttering the gossamer curtains of the cabana where she hid. She knew she was being a coward, but she had no desire to run into the man who had attempted to push her beyond her limit. No Dom had ever used her own safe word and walked from a scene. She wasn’t really sure how she was even supposed to react to that reality.

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