Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. This month my name appeared in the Romance Writer’s Report magazine. Not for first sale or newest amazing book deal. Nope. It was part of an ad by the Fantasy, Futuristic and Fantasy chapter announcing the winners of their Prism Contest. My novel, A Touch of Lilly placed third in the erotic romance category. It was in reeeeally small print … but hey, I was in there!

So I thought I’d celebrate and share six lines from this science fiction menage story:

Lilly’s focus had been on Dallas and her desire for him. But having the heat of Thaegan’s body pressed against her back certainly kicked her heart rate up another notch.

“I was hoping to join you.” Thaegan’s words came out as if he’d dragged them over a burning road of molten lust.

“I don’t know. I…” Her body thrummed with energy and need and Lilly didn’t really know what she wanted.

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