There are all kinds of opportunities for authors to strut their stuff at conventions. Every time you turn around there’s an invitation for a convention. Conventions for writers to hang with other writers. Conventions for writing. Conventions for readers to meet authors. Conventions for writers to meet agents and editors.

Every season is filled with opportunites.

I’m not a convention kind of gal. They’re not productive for me. I meet other authors (who are wonderful) and very successful. I listen to speakers who have been in the trenches and now are reaping the rewards of their hard work. And I am happy for them, I really am. But the truth is, it depresses me. It doesn’t motivate me. It makes me feel like I’m way behind the eight ball.

Of course there is also the mobility issue. My MS does make it very hard to get around and hanging out in the bar when everyone’s moving from group to group becomes an issue. Dinner plans can be a nightmare. And I hate to feel like I’m a burden.

And you know what? I’m just not a partying kind of gal. I love to sit around the table sipping wine and chatting with friends, new and old, but drinking at the bar doesn’t interest me. And dressing up? Yeeeeeah, so not into costume parties (which seems to be getting more and more popular).

And last, but not least, there is the expense! Travel, hotel and food … goodness, crazy expensive!

But the guilt of not going to these soirees is really wearing on me. I wonder if I’m shooting myself in the foot by not making a bigger effort to get out to these shindigs and mix and mingle. But then I wonder if there are so many because they become money makers for the organizations hosting them. I don’t know.

Seriously, this whole thing goes in the same category for me as social media and promoting. And obviously (since I keep chatting about it), it’s on my mind. How do you feel about going to conventions either as an author or a reader. What’s your motivation for attending? Do you achieve that goal?

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