I write romance. I read romance. I talk and interact with romance writers every day. So yeah, it’s true I may be the only one feeling this, but I’m thinking not. Because here’s the thing. I’m getting just a little over some of the sexy images landing on romance novel covers.

I know … right? What’s wrong with me? A well-toned athletic body with gorgeous eyes … what’s not to love?


Oh sorry. What I’m trying to say is I definitely enjoy drooling over the male physique. It’s just that the same couple of guys are inundating the cover market and it’s losing its impact. Covers are supposed to pull us in, but when I see certain cover models my first thought is not “oh I’d like to check this book out” it’s more like “seriously? again? boooooring!”

I’m equating this to the “Fabio years”. I mean come on, this guy is sexy. I would love to lick those abs. Oh, sorry, what I meant to say is those abs certainly inspire wonderful images for the writer in me. *vbg* But when Fabio was at his peak, every time a reader turned around he was adorning the covers of their favorite romances:

When ebooks first became popular it seemed art departments were all drawing from the same image pool. Many books had the same couples with different titles and author names. It got very confusing for visual readers such as myself who weren’t sure if they’d bought that particular book or not. I think publishers are getting better about changing it up. Though I have to admit I actually got a one-star review because the reader couldn’t get past the cover image and the fact that it was exactly the same as the cover of her favorite author. (Nope, she didn’t buy my book.)

But with so many authors self-publishing these days I think it’s happening all over again. There are just some cover models that I’m seeing over and over and over and over and … well you get the idea. I don’t fault them for being wonderful business men and making their stock images not only easy to acquire, but affordable. I’m just saying I’m over their sexiness.

So is it only me? Is anyone else getting tired of the same sexy men showing up on your novel covers? Tell me what you think, because you know me, I’m curious about these kind of things.

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