I love all the new technology. Weeellll, not all of it. Okay, probably not most of it. I’m what you call a techno-idiot and I resist upgrading or downloading anything until the device has wires hanging or so many error messages that I can’t make it function.

But my children? Totally in love with anything gadget.

And I was going to say it is their generation, but that’s not the case. There are plenty of people my age who wouldn’t go anywhere without their Smartphone where they can tweet, email and update their facebook status from anywhere.

Ummm, what about interacting with the people standing right in front of you??!!

When my children were going through school we didn’t have the internet. No, it wasn’t 1970…it was within the last decade and I didn’t want to have to deal with policing them when I didn’t really know much about it myself. They had to do their research the old fashioned way … encyclopedias. *Gasp* Oh, the horror! There was no facebook and cyber-bullying wasn’t even a word.

Simpler times for sure.

Now, they’re as plugged in as their friends. (And mom is getting there.) But we’ve banned cellphones at the dinner table (because we get together so infrequently these days). But on our recent family vacation, every kid under the age of 25 had their phone in their hand nearly every minute of the day. I have no idea if they were texting or updating internet sites. The point is…they didn’t put them down.

And companies are making it even easier for them to stay connected. Cars and phones with facebook status update technology have made it so people (not just the twenty-somethings) don’t EVER have to unplug. Crazy. Where is the mystery of the morning-after phone call following an awesome first date? Where is the living in the here-and-now?

No one is going to stand up at a funeral extolling the number of friends on a Facebook page or how fast someone could text. I just worry that we’re going to get so caught up in the technology and forget that life is NOW and you need to enjoy the people you are WITH.

And yes, I completely see the irony of putting this whole diatribe on my blog … just go with it. 😉

6 Responses to Plugged In = Tuned Out?

  • Just as electricity has its place over candles, gadgets have theirs. But remember, even a werewolf is a hottie by candle light. Simple pleasures are just that, simple. Nothing will replace what plain human contact does for you.

    Mary George.

  • There are some commercials out right now which compare using Facebook to actually living – I’m enjoying them – I think the commercials are for a car – sort of what you’re saying.

  • I hear you, Nina. We just got home from vacation at camp and there is a mountain that blocks reception for our neat little devices. We play games, Dominos and Phase 10 are our favorites, and we swim, boat and hang out together. It’s been great. Now that we are back, I’m one of the biggest offenders, spending hours catching up on email and facebook.

    As a naturally nosy person, I love knowing what’s going on, but I do agree, at the dinner table is a big no-no.


    • Michelle – When I was growing up we had a family camp we stayed at for two weeks at the ocean that had no phone or television. All we did was play games and hang at the beach. I LOVED it. There was so much we shared as a family. Some of my favorite memories happened at our cottage.

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