I know, it’s been a week since I got over here and posted a blog and I’d like to say I had an amazingly productive week … yeeeeeah, that didn’t happen, but hey, it’s all good. Despite my college-age son moving into this tiny apartment and the two of us tripping over each other every time we turn around, I am actually finding some kind of writing routine in all the turmoil. And really, that’s what last week was all about.

And since I’ve been away, I couldn’t jump into anything heavy (though I’ve got a doozie of a post for later in the week). So I thought I’d talk a little bit about fashion. Stop laughing. I may not be a fashionista, but I think about it every now and again.

These two women have written a play based on a book by Ilene Beckerman. It’s basically a look at how much of their memories are based on the clothing they wore. It’s supposed to relate to women as if everyone with indoor plumbing is all about what they put on in the morning.

Well, let me just to tell you I’ve had many significant days in my nearly 50 years and besides my prom and wedding dresses (which are pretty obvious), there is literally one dress when I was a kid, one pair of shoes (clogs that I had begged my mother to buy) and a sweater I bought myself in jr. high, there aren’t any clothes that stand out in my mind to go with the significant events in my life. Oooookay, so I thought of one dress I bought for Mr. Nina’s 5th college reunion that I thought was kind of cute and I danced the night away enough to get a special mention at breakfast the next morning (which is probably why I remember it.)

Other than that … I got nothing. I don’t remember the first piece of clothing I bought for myself or the perfect outfit I wore to highschool dances. (Which these ladies claim every woman remembers.)

I’ve lost all my grandparents and a parent. Pretty significant, but with the exception of Mr. Nina’s grandmother (because it was recent, we were on vacation and I had to buy a dress which I still own), I couldn’t tell you what I wore to the funerals. If it weren’t for pictures I wouldn’t remember what I wore to my sibling’s weddings or my children’s baptisms.

Am I the only woman who missed some fashion link in her genetics? I don’t carry fashionable purses or ruin my feet in sexy shoes that are impractical. My closet isn’t bulging with clothes that still have the tags on them. In fact, I rarely feel the need to add to my wardrobe and retail therapy wasn’t in my vocabulary until my daughter required some after a particularly stressful week at college. Yeeeeah, a nice massage with quiet music has it all over going through piles of clothes on the clearance rack. *shivers*

Please tell me I’m not the only person who doesn’t “get” this play. Am I the only one who, if I won a significant chunk of change, would likely buy something for my house or go on vacation? Clothes wouldn’t even be a blip in my list of wishes.

So what about you ladies … do clothes play a role in your memories? Cuz you know me, I’m dying of curiosity!

8 Responses to Fashionably Ignorant

  • When it comes to fashion I wear what I feel comfy in and what I look good in. If I won the lotto I would update my clothes but not spend all my money on that.

    • Savannah – Every once in awhile I update my wardrobe as well. But mostly I have to remind myself to do it now and again. LOL! If I won the clothing lottery I think I’d spend most of it on jewelry. I love cool jewelry.

  • I always wanted to be a nun so I could wear one thing every day. I hate thinking about clothes. The only article of clothing I remember as a child is my suede cowgirl skirt – a sweat skirt with silver buckles and green leather fringe. I wore it every single day. Still have it. Guess what I always wanted to be?

  • Hey Nina – Well….I love fashion…don’t know why, how or when it started, but, well, it is a minor vice – or maybe a major one. Last year I fell and broke my leg and have scaled down on the heel size, giving away 30 pairs of shoes. Yes – I have nearly replaced them all with comfy, shiny heels. My first manuscript – heroine is a fashion designer. I think it is the artist in me. I see fashion as an artful expression. I don’t paint or draw, I write, so maybe fashion is the visual part of my literary lust?

    • LA – I always wanted to wear sexy high heels, but I never had jobs that allowed me to dress in anything but jeans and sneakers. And I definitely think the fashion is definitely part of a creativ process for many women!

  • I might have to say I’m the complete opposite of you on this, Nina! Lol! But in my defense, I am a hairstylist by day. In the nicest way possible, I call myself a shoe, purse and clothes whore. I re-vamp my wardrobe every season. One because I love to shop and two, because most of my clothes get ruined with hair color, not that I mind in the least. Gives me the excuse I need. ;0). I think L. A. Beat me with the 30 shoes, but I was truly devastated when, after my son was born my feet just didn’t fit the same in many of my shoes. 27 pairs. Gone. Just like that. I’ve yet to replace them all, but I’m still striving too!! I think no matter what a woman wears, that is her style. To each is own, right. As long as you feel good about yourself and you are you, is what matters most. I’m used to people looking at me like a lil strange, but hey, I am me. :0)).

    • Elece – 27 pairs? That had to make you heartsick. I have to admit I love the new high heel fashion now, but heels do NOT equal MS safety. LOL!

      Perhaps you can give me a few fashion tips this fall.

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