There was a steep learning curve when I decided to write erotic romance stories. My first ideas were off-shoots of the few pornographic movies I’d seen. And as I know now … movies based on a man’s fantasy. And romance books are written primarily for women. So wouldn’t it follow that the sexual journey should encompass a female fantasy? Well DUR! Of course it should. *headdesk*

So what are the top female fantasies?
Private Pole-Dancer
Being Dominated
Sex with a Stranger
Threesome with two Men
Watching another couple
Forced Fantasies
Being Watched
Public Nudity and/or Sex in Public

Some women will argue that these are not healthy fantasies. The one that seems to cause the most controversy is the forced sex fantasy. Please keep in mind … this is NOT rape. It’s being in a safe situation with someone you care about acting out a fantasy of having to submit. I see it very much like a dominant fantasy. Ya know, sometimes it’s just nice to let go and be told what to do. That can be an incredible turn-on. We all understand, being raped is not.

Erotic romance incorporates these fantasies with a love story. It’s about women being empowered to find their sexual independence and find their soul mate all at the same time. I love writing erotic romance. Discovering characters who find themselves embroiled in sexy relationships heading toward their happy-ever-after ending is such a thrill.

What about you … Do you agree with this list of female fantasies? Have any you would add to the list? I’m only asking for research purposes. You never know when one might show up in one of my books. 😉

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