Since convention season is in full swing I thought I’d share with you 13 things I learned at my first writer’s convention in 2008 …

1. When in the presence of such authors as Susan Wiggs or Suzanne Brockman … it is rude to drool on their shoes.

2. NYT Best sellers don’t like you rubbing against them to see if their greatness actually transfers.

3. Sleep is overrated.

4. Always call for the guaranteed wake-up call, that way when you don’t receive it … your room is free.

5. If your roommate unpacks more little bottles of liquor than panties … you picked the right roommate!

6. When you go out to lunch, make sure the restaurant is young and trendy and you sit in the section with the cutest waiter.

7. Always set your cellphone alarm. (See #4.) Breakfast begins at 7 am even if you’re still in the shower.

8. Wine and lack of sleep are a baaad combination … especially in the presence of a hunky waiter.

9. Bring an extra suitcase for all the books everyone gives away.

10. Only bring half as much promotional material as you think you need. Remember … they’re all authors looking to promote their books too!

11. Authors always have a storyline on their mind … erotic authors should remember not everyone takes kindly to you sharing it with them. Okay, so this guy has nothing to do with that … but he’s pretty sexy and I couldn’t resist sharing him.

12. Agents and editors are only human. No matter how they glow or appear to walk on water … they are not demi-Gods … they want to contract writers with good books (and you have a good book) … Repeat this mantra as many times as needed to get through your pitch.

13. Whatever happens at the convention … stays at the convention … even if it isn’t in Las Vegas! (Refer back to #8.)

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  • All I can say is… I hope to one day need to know all of these!

    Great list – I’m keeping it in mind for future reference. 😉

    Happy T13!

    Ciao for now!

  • One day I’ll make it to a convention. Thanks for the tips. Happy T13!

  • Sounds as if you had a wonderful time which is great news, glad that you enjoyed it and had the energy to make the most of the opportunity, especially considering the week that you had beforehand.

  • Sounds like you learned a lot and came home with some great tips! I love the conferences and can’t wait till I can go again.

  • I have never drooled on an author’s shoe! I have, however, been known to squee when one of my faves remembers meeting me before. I hope you had a great time, made lots of contacts, and came home inspired!

  • *ahem*

    Forget wake up calls and cell phone alarms. Repeat after me:


    Once more:


    (what was it?)



  • Kara,
    your 13 are a hoot. Humorous, yeah, but true. Wish I’d thought to get a wake-up call to pay for my room.

  • Now I really want to hear about the hunky waiter. I hope he was nice.

  • Ms and Adelle – Hope you make it to a writer’s convention some time soon. They really are a lot of fun.

    Jennifer – I bow down to you. You are the best. And yes, I made it to breakfast only 5 minutes late because you saved my butt! (Well, that … and I’m incredibly fast in the shower.) And yes, everyone should buy her book … but we’ll get to that as we get closer to fall! 😉

  • Susan – Thanks for stopping in. And remember … mum’s the word! 😉

    Alice – He was really nice. I make it sound like it was all so naughty, but he was cute and accepted the flirtations of an middle-aged woman with much grace.

  • The no sleep is so true. Although I happen to know of some NY authors who are fine with #2. LOL

  • RG – LOL! I’d happy rub up to a couple more… I’ll take any fairy dust that would come my way. 😉

  • Okay, it sounds like your conference experience is just a teensy bit different from mine, LOL! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Sounds like you had a good time! That poor waiter. hehe.

    Happy TT!

  • I almost tried that NYT rubbing thing but then I saw Nora’s shoes and was totally distracted.

    Great TT!

  • Robin – It occurred to me after it was all over that I was there to network! The whole thing was just sort of overwhelming all the way around. Oh, well … next time. 😉

    Kaige – The young man was a wonderful sport about the whole thing. I’m a terrible flirt!

    Mima – People were wonderful taking time to get me around. A cane and some pacing and it all worked out just fine. I worried over nothing.

  • Good lessons indeed! *wg*

  • Tempest – I’m going ot hold onto this and review before my next writer’s convention. 😉

    Debora – I think I learned more of what not to do! *g*

  • Great list! I really like number 12, especially since I’m going to be pitching some editors soon!


    My TT is at

  • Paige – I didn’t have anything ready to pitch at this conference. Next time for sure. Hope yours goes well!

  • Gina – Okay, I did actually manage to swallow the squee. *g* I had a good time, but was so overwhelmed I totally forgot the contact thing. *shakes head* Next time for sure!

  • Ah, I couldn’t have said it better myself. 😉 I wanted to try the famous author rubbing thing as well. I was too scared!

  • LOL — great post! It’s been too long since I was able to attend a conference…

  • I have a feeling it’s going to be a competition between me and Lori to see which of us has more liquor. But I’ll win because I’m DRIVING. She has to fly.
    GREAT list.
    *mutters* No rubbing. No rubbing.

  • Sounds like you had a great time! I love wake-up calls — especially those with snooze control.


  • Dana – I haven’t had the privilege of meeting Nora, but I’m sure I’d be a blubbering idiot in her presence. Talk about drool on her shoes!

    Shelley – You crack me up … you may not have NYT before the best seller part, but you’re totally one of those I’d be rubbing! LOL!

    Heather – Hopefully with more conventions I’ll learn how not to be awestruck and figure out how to do more networking.

  • Jennifer – A lot of business goes on in that bar … people can’t sell that liquor angle short! 😉

    Chloe – Oh, the best wakeup calls are the ones that keep you in bed and make you late! *vbg* 😀

  • Kara,

    You must have had the best roommate ever. I like the sound of her. I still haven’t caught up on the sleep I missed, but what great conversation.

    Also you did get some networking done with Nina Mamone, if I remember correctly.

    I laughed out loud at a lot of your list. We did luck out in the cute waiter department all weekend and having a group as big as we did was an added bonus. We always could find someone we knew to sit with.

    Glad you took the chance, left the arctic and came to play with us.


  • Jillian – The best roommate evah! The late night/early morning conversations were the best. But not so much with the air conditioner! I have it on my calendar for next year already!

  • LOL. So true. Especially the one about not drooling.

  • Ashley – Yeah, Susan didn’t like it too much. 😀

  • OMG love the list….. All so true….

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