It’s been one of those weeks. You know the ones. When you have these crazy highs and just as quickly your stomach drops to your feet as you plummet into the depths of despair.

Yeah, that describes my week.

On the upside. I signed a contract with Ellora’s Cave this week for a short story titled “Mating Bonds”. It’s part of my “Shifting Bonds” series. And since I go into edits next week, I suspect it will be available shortly after that as a Naughty Nooner. Meaning … it will be FREE!!!

My gift to my readers!

Also on the happy news … it looks like we sold our house. Oh, no wait, no we didn’t. Well … yes we did. But no, no, I’m mistaken. And wait … oh, yes we did. The thrill of the chase–NOT! Yeah, we sold after some interesting negotiations. But of course we’re taking a beating (like every other seller on the house market.) Yeeeeeeah, the ups and downs of buyers and sellers and this wonderful economy. But selling the house is a good thing because now I can go live with Mr. Nina once again. And I really do miss the guy. Only … don’t even get me started with the housing market down there. I’m still nursing the wounds of selling my house. I need to recover just a little bit before bashing my head against the wall of that real estate. Even I can only take so much pain. LOL!

*Happy thoughts of being with Mr. Nina*

And with all this real estate stuff going on I didn’t get any writing done and this is a very bad thing. It’s only mid-Feb and my New Year’s resolution is taking quite a beating. That’s all right, I’ve still got today and tomorrow to pull this week’s word count out of the cellar. Later chicks … I’m refilling the wine glass and digging into the dark chocolate stash. I’m feeling the need for a little reinforcement …

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