So the “big” game is being played this weekend. And you know what? I don’t care. I mean, I’d like to … but I just don’t.

Mr. Nina and I won’t even be in the same house on Sunday, so it’s highly unlikely it will even be playing on my television. Well, maybe in the background so I can watch the commercials. But the game … meh. Not so much. Watching sports on television is torture to me. It doesn’t hold my attention. I just don’t care enough who scores or whether the left tackle takes out the quarterback in the second quarter.

The powers that be have figured out that woman want to care about the players. They want to know the rough road the tight end (and to my dismay this has nothing to do with the sexy backside of a player) traveled to get to this day. Producers put together packages prior to the game with interviews of Sunday school teacher’s and doctors that will hopefully make a connection between the players and the viewers. Doesn’t work for me. That’s not to say I’m cold-hearted, I feel for the player, it just doesn’t translate to me cheering them on to a win.

But you know, I’d like to. I’d like to feel the passion I see in others when there’s an interception or a missed field goal. I have family members who hug pillows against their chests and cover their eyes on a big play as if it were the pivotal scene in a horror movie. Being the logical scientist that I am I asked them to explain to me how they developed this passion. Why do they care so much? I mean this isn’t life or death hanging in the balance. It’s a football game.

I don’t get it. But seriously, I’d like to feel that fever. How about you? Do you enjoy football or any other sport with a passion? Because I’m trying to figure out how to find that passion.

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  • I am a HUGE Packer fan and am soooo excited about the game on Sunday!!! I was born and raised and have lived in Wisconsin my whole life and my family is crazy about the Packers. We are having a huge Superbowl party with 3 t.v.’s and a whole bunch of football related foods. I am the type of person that is dressed from head to toe in green and gold, including finger nails, lol. I don’t have to do anything to get psyched about this game…I just have to think about it. GO PACK GO!!!!!!

    • Leigh ā€“ That sounds like so much fun. I think if I had people around me all the time who were so very passionate about the sport, I might get into it. At the very least, Iā€™d enjoy the party! šŸ˜‰

  • I have watched barely any football since 1984. But I started watching the Packers when we moved to Racine, when Vince Lombardi was god and nobody did the sweep better than the Pack. So, I plan on parking myself in front of the tube with my favorite junk foods, wearing something green and something yellow, and cheering my silly head off for old times sake.

    Anyone remember that game in the blizzard at Lambeau field when the Pack beat the Cowboys in the last 13 seconds???

    • Judi – I’ve “watched” (in same room doing something else) every football season since I started dating Mr. Nina in 1976. I’ve seen a lot of games played in blizzards, but none of them specifically. Have fun on Sunday!

  • It used to be that I couldn’t care less about sports, on TV or otherwise. We were not a sportif family growing up, not even hockey *gasp*. The only sports I remember being watched in our house was the World Series. My mom would knit slippers for the coming winter, and choose the team to root for based on the cuteness of the pitcher.

    Yup-it comes naturally, hehe.

    I married a “cheesehead”, and yes, someone in this house is getting extremely excited about the game. I also have two boys who play in team sports. There’s nothing like cheering on your little guy to make you care about that next goal. I’ll watch football with the hubby, and I’m glued to the screen for the Olympics and the World Cup (soccer).

    • Lu – My son played team sports and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the competition and cheering him on. Nothing like it indeed. Oh, and I hadn’t thought of the Olympics, I LOVE watching those as well.

      Well enjoy the game on Sunday. I hope your team wins!

  • It was in ’67. It was a crazy game. Snow blanketed the field, the temperature was 15 below zero, and the when the ref signaled the start of the game, the metal whistle froze to his lips. It was the NFL championship game and is referred to as the Snow Bowl. The Pack went on to win the first Super Bowl. Go Packers!!!

  • We are a household of sports fanatics! FANATICS! Or perhaps we would be better described as lunatics! My two favorite teams are in the Superbowl and I can’t wait! Plus the ads are must-see TV. Hate Superbowl parties (cuz you can’t watch)…love the Superbowl!

  • I was never into football. The most sports I watched was last year when the Olympics were here in Canada…I was glued to the TV.

    • Savannah – My daughter actually went to those Olympics so of course I watched them even more closely to see if I saw any of the family on the television. Sadly, I didn’t. But they were fun to watch nonetheless.

  • My beloved 49ers are not there, but since the quarterback for the Packers is from Chico, CA (town next door to me) I feel that I have to watch. Silly me, I would just for the Commercials. ROFL. Oh yes, the game too!!!!

    • Chriatiane – Mr. Nina roots for the Patriots. He was bummed when they didn’t make it through the playoffs as well. Seems he’s going to manage to find someone to cheer on regardless. I guess we’ll both be enjoying the commercials. šŸ˜‰

  • I won’t be watching the superbowl either. Football doesn’t do it for me. I’m kinda with you on the sports on TV thing with the exception of NASCAR. Talking to a die hard fan here and can’t wait for Daytona, which is the kick off of the season. It’s the one sport I shared with my daughter who is in school in TX. We now watch in together when possible and text the updates and items we would normally scream about.

    I think the passion for us is about the drivers. I like this sport because it is about an individual – a character. You get to know the drivers and there are good guys and bad guys and some of those in between and the pit crew fills in as the secondary characters. Lots of action, too.

    I have trouble developing passion for a team, which is what almost all the other sports are about, well except golf and I can’t see myself yelling at the screen because the ball didn’t roll far enough. Not the same when the competitors ball can’t put him in the wall.

    So that’s how I developed my passion, I built it around the person, then the sport and the sport had to be action packed to keep my attention.

    • Donna – I’ve heard others mention the drivers in NASCAR. A friend of mine had an opportunity to speak to her favorite driver, only she couldn’t get a word out because she was so tongue-tied. But I do think it’s why women get into racing. The individual that they can care about.

      I’ve fallen in love with country music over the last few years and Mr. Nina is convinced a fascination with racing isn’t far behind. LOL!

  • I haven’t watched sports (unless I am at someone else’s house where the TV blares) since I got divorced in ’89. Oh, I’ve cheered my kids on – but that is different. To me professional sports is not about passion but about money. Holds no interest for me. Although I have to confess to being a Bart Starr groupie – Green Bay – as a teen (okay – so it is all about the cute guys -when I am forced to watch at a friend’s house – and the tight ends. And I DON’T mean the position) So, I’ll be reading a favorite romance novel, and maybe indulging in some junk food just ’cause it’s Super Bowl day and a good excuse šŸ™‚ I’ll see the commercials later, as they get played over and over in the next few months.

    • Delsora – LOL! Sports is all about the cute guys for sure. And with all the pre-publicity I almost wonder if I’ve already seen all the new commercials as well.

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