I’m obviously fixated on eyes this week. I can’t help myself … just go with it. LOL!

I spend quite a bit of time on my blog keeping it up-to-date. I check the links on my sidebar and add or delete as things change with my books or interviews. It’s important to me. < ————- I’ve added links on the left sidebar to the great reviews that “Maid for Master” received and added them under the bookcover on the right sidebar. I also added the nomination for “Best Science Fiction Book 2010” under “A Touch of Lilly” because I thought that was pretty nifty too. But is it all for naught?

Because here’s the funny thing–when I go to others’ blogs–I see nothing. Yep, that’s right. Their sidebars are just white noise to the post I’m checking out. And yet, I’m obsessed with keeping mine fresh. I even move things around so it’s not static.

This phenomenon isn’t unique to blogs. It’s the same with newspaper/magazine ads. Yahoo sidebars. Most anywhere there’s extra stuff hanging out with what I’m interested in. I do think part of this is my crappy vision. It’s very easy for me to “selectively focus”. I can be looking at something and choose not to see it. I don’t mean just not read it, but really not see it. So that if someone asked me, “did you see that cool such and such when you were checking out that blog” I have to go back and look … even if the such and such was in the road.

This also extends to review sites. I buy cover ads at different places on the internet and in e-newsletters. My cover is there in between (or beside) the articles. But do people really see it? Does it intrigue enough to have a reader search out my books? Quite frankly, I’ve never bought a book based on an ad at a site. (Mostly because I don’t see them.) I do however notice familiar bookcovers, but only to wonder “hmmm, did that author generate enough revenue to make the ad worthwhile?” And that’s the extent of it.

I don’t know, maybe everyone blurs out the unnecessary information. Maybe I just have this oddity with my vision. I don’t know. But it does bring up something I’ve been wondering … Do you see the books and stuff authors have on their sidebars? Do you ever really look at them? It’s not like I intend to change my ways, but you know me … I’m wondering if I’m the only one on the blogosphere who looks past it all.

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