As any of you who have visited here before know, I’m VERY visual. When I’m writing I have pictures of my hero and heroine open in a document. I’ve done searches for scenes whether it’s an alley or a beautiful hotel suite. I need to see it to describe it.

Okay, so I’m writing a sequel to Maid for Master, that’s taking me back to XTC Resorts and the world of hedonistic clubs and BDSM. This means I’m often searching the internet for pieces of equipment or sexy toys or … ya know … whatever. I have my Google safe search set to “off” which means things could get a little dicey on my computer when I hit the search button.

Since the daughter that’s currently living with me is off at college classes or work, I’m left on my own to do these searches without worrying what’s going to pop up on the screen. But there have been times when she walks into my office at inopportune moments. Now, it’s not like my children don’t know what I write. Still, no one wants to know their mother looks at stuff like that. It’s sort of like hearing your parents in the throws of passion. You know it happens … you just don’t want it confirmed.

I’ve become very adept at shutting windows on my computer at lightening speed when the door opens. But I know evidence of my naughty explorations is written in the guilt on my face. I’m a grown woman. I love what I write. But I still feel funny when sexy pictures are open on my computer, even though I use them to create sensual scenes in my stories. It’s an odd juxtaposition.

So what about you? Do you have a guilty pleasure you keep hidden? Something you know isn’t really wrong, but would make you blush if you got caught?

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  • I am sorry but I am — literally—laughing out loud. All I can remember is a conversation over lasagna and the correct way to get a brazilian….

  • Do I have hidden guilty pleasures that would make me blush if I got caught? Um, yes. Yes I do. Blushing just thing about it. ‘Nuff said… 🙂

  • Hmmmm, just the bikini wax. That’s about it. Now, if I was doing that kind of research…maybe!

  • Everybody knows that before they enter the office they must knock. I try to keep an eye on what I research so that it is not seen by ones who should not see it. By now everyone is pretty much use to the fact that anything goes when I am researching.

  • Nina, I’m with you. I like to get a key visual for whatever story I’m working on. Unfortunately, based on certain subject matter I might be looking for, all manner of things pop up in the search engine. I’ve been known to tilt my head sideways and think “Oh my” during these times LOL. Anyway, I’m not so worried about anyone happening to catch a glance at what I’m looking at. No, I think about some guys sitting in a room somewhere monitoring what everyone is looking at on the internet. I’m on some “lists” I think. Some interesting lists…

    • Kaily – ROFLMBO … ah, the signature tilt of the head. Yes, yes those are indeed interesting sites. Oh, my head didn’t even go to thinking about someone monitoring my visitations. NOW that could make an interesting story …

  • I have a friend whose site I visit to honestly, look at the male anatomy, M/M. Not to be funny, but different ethnic groups have slight body differences. I’ve read stories where a dark black man was compared to milk chocolate, pleeaassee! A dark black man could be compared to the starless night, after a storm. Not brown. A white man with a tan is not dark, he’s tan. A indonesian man is dark or at least tan with smoke just below the surface. So with all that said, I bring up my husband gym to see the male form in fight action.
    That was more than you asked for but hey, we’re having a snow storm in Michigan,I had a minute.

    • Mary – I LOVE your descriptions of men! And surfing the internet to study the male anantomy on a cold winter day sounds like a great way to stay warm and stave off cabin fever! (Psssst … descriptions like that are NEVER TMI 😉 )

  • My guilty pleasures – your books!

    And, yeah, my grown kids do know about them. My son-in-law closes his eyes and blocks his ears when I talk about writing. I guess it’s too much to think about a mother-in-law that way – and I totally get that 🙂

    • Delsora – I’m glad you enjoy them. Yeah, my kids are proud of me and my writing, but they pull the whole block ears and sing “la la la la” whenever the topic of my books comes up.

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