Cue scary music and creeking doors …

Yep, it’s that time of year when people turn down the lights, grab a big bowl of popcorn and sit down to watch their favorite things that go bump in the night in a horror movie marathon. Okay, so NOT me! I have such a vivid imagination I don’t need more images floating in my brain. I’m all about carving pumpkins and eating candy. You know … the quiet, non-scary kind of stuff.

This weekend I know some of you are following our traditional Halloween blog tour. And in the spirit of the season I’ve got some wonderful guys all dolled up for the holiday. Mmmm….

If you’ve stumbled here and would like to know what I’m talking about please start HERE. Jump on the tour bus and follow it through the links to the end … There are all kinds of prizes to be won. Contest runs 7 am EDT Oct 29 through 5 pm EDT OCT 31.

For those of you stopping here to enjoy a little eye candy I’m having my own contest.

My futuristic erotic suspense story “Healer’s Garden” is available in PRINT and has just finalled in the Eppies. w00t! w00t! on both accounts. Leave a comment here sharing with me your favorite Halloween memory. I’ll choose the best story and mail you a signed copy of “Healer’s Garden”. (**NOTE: Shipping to US and Canadian residents only. An international winner will receive a $15 Amazon gift card.) Comments posted from 7 am EDT Oct 29 through midnight Oct 31 will be eligible.

And to start you off I’ll share my favorite memory …

When I was a kid we lived in the “center” of a country town. The last street light from the four way intersection just up the road was at the foot of our very looooong driveway. We had a telephone pole about half way up the drive. My dad loves Halloween. This particular year he rigged a long length of piping from the front porch to the telephone pole where he’d hung a whispy piece of plastic on a string.

That night, the brave few who ventured up our driveway were scared by the haunting moan (may father’s manical laugh through the pipe) of the “ghost” that mysteriously floated up from the brush on the side of the drive. It was really not a nice trick, but ZOMG … it was hysterical. Needless to say we didn’t give away any candy that year except to our friends (whom we had warned).

It’s a great memory. I think because I was so impressed with my dad’s ingenuity.

And here’s one last halloween costume for you to enjoy before you go on your merry way…

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  • Oh Nina, a woman after my own soul!

    First off, congrats on the Eppy finalist award! That speaks VOLUMES for your work! Second… arggggg! Men in skirts and in floppy loin cloths! I obsess over things like that… call it a fetish, but I sooo want to tip them up to see what treasures lie hidden… (and it drives me nuts that I cant do that on the computer! Tipping the monitor upside down fails every time!) SIGH! By the time I am finished with this blog tour, I’m gonna have to go out and find a Scotsman… and do you know how hard that is to find now that the highland festivals are done for the year?

    • George – Thank you for your compliment about the Eppie’s. I’m very pleased. And I’m with you … I love a man in a kilt. Just something very sexy about that. 😉

  • Halloween is my kids favorite time of year, they would set up a haunted corn field. but it was always the street light at the barn that was so scary to the visitors…

    • Bonnie – I think it’s because my kids aren’t young anymore that I don’t quite have the enthusiasm for the holiday now. The haunted corn field sounds like a lot of fun.

  • When I was a kid we didn’t do anything for Halloween or if we did I was to young for me to remember it. I’ve just started loving Halloween since my nieces and nephews have been born. I love seeing them all dressed up.

  • My favorite memory is when I got dressed up as a clown, my Mom had made my costume, got to go into the town that was close to our farm.

  • Congrats on print and on getting into the finals! Halloween for me is all about the kids. They’ve hit a perfect age where their old enough to really ‘get’ halloween and still young enough to think that it’s cool their parents are hanging out with them!

  • Every year was another great memorey, But I loved the Smurfs and I was smurfette one year with the plastic mask and all. I hit every house open in our huge subdivsion. I know kids today that seem to be so lazy and not even into it. It was Huge when I was a kid. We came home with pillow cases full of candy and pennys too, one house gave out pennys every year and back then you could by 5 and 10 cent candy from the bottom row at 7-11. I wish I could go back and do it all over again!!!

    Happy Halloween and Congrats on being a EEPI Finalist!

    • Christine – I remember penny candy! (*blushes* Obviously I’m showing my age.) Sounds like you had wonderful times at Halloween. Thanks for the congrats on the Eppie.

  • I remember one particularly freezing Halloween where I was dressed as a patient with a fake IV that froze while trick or treating since it was so cold. We ended up going home early and having hot cocoa with orange marshmallows.

    • Joder – Oh, that sounds uncomfortable. But the hot cocoa and marshmellows is a wonderful way to end the night. Thanks for stopping over.

  • I always enjoyed dressing my children up in their costumes and going trick or treating with them, now since the kids are grown and the grand children are growing up, I enjoy giving the candy out to the little ones who come to the door for their treats in their neat little costumes.


    • Judy – I was always the one to pass out the candy while Mr. Nina took our kids out trick-or-treating. I did like being at the door for the kids and seeing their costumes.

  • Congratulations! For me, Halloween is so much fun. It’s all about the kids and when they come to my house, they get the GOOD candy! After that, the neighbor kids love me ALL YEAR LONG! Muhahahaha

  • Wow I love the last halloween costume. Hot just like your books. Happy Halloween

  • My favorite Halloween memories are always of my kids when they were small, lots of laughter and good times. Don’t count me for the copy of Healer’s Garden, Nina. I’ve already had the pleasure of reading it.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

    • Cathy – It’s definitely the enthusiasm of the kids that makes the holiday so much fun. I’m glad you enjoyed reading “Healer’s Garden”.

  • I love Halloween. My favorite holiday. I love see what the little kids dress as.
    Happy Halloween everyone.


  • wow if that last fella lived closer I might have a different fav memory… :).
    One of my fav memorys is from just a few years ago. It was the first year hubs decorated for the holiday and he went all out and did a fab job well on halloween it seemed the whole town gathered in our yard so my brother got out the bbq grill and we had a great last min party It was alot of fun

    • Jennifer – Oh, that sounds like so much fun. I think the spontaneous parties are definitely the best. I’m sure people still talk about it.

      (And I’m with you on Mr. Gorgeous! Looks like he could def make some favorite Halloween memories.)

  • Love halloween and this is an awesome way to met new authors


  • My best Halloween memory is not from childhood. It’s the year I hand made all the kids costumes(four of them). That was a great year. Family adventure to go pick out the patterns and fabrics. Each of the kids got to help out with their costume. They loved the costumes and bragged to all their friends.

    • Beth – Oh, that sounds like so much fun, especially if the kids got to help with making them. I’m sure it’s one of their favorite memories as well.

  • While living abroad the US expats would throw Halloween trick or treating parties for the kids. Many lived in the same neighborhood or same condos. People who wanted to participate would put out orange balloons by their door and keep the outside light on. We didn’t want little kids from the neighborhood/condos to feel left out if they weren’t from the US so always just put up flyers inviting all kids to trick or treat. Within a couple of years the local population in those venues began participating, too and were particularly embracing of dressing up. It was great fun and we all had a wonderful time.

    • Little Lamb – Oh, that sounds wonderful. I love that the other children began joining in on the fun. I bet that was heartwarming. Thanks for sharing.

  • Happy Halloween! and thanks for the eye candy. I really love that last guy.

    • Tamsyn – It’s a tough job to find sexy guys in costumes, but research is part of what an author has to suffer through. I don’t mind taking one for the team now and again. 😉

  • Well, those pics are certainly drool worthy!

    Happy Halloween!

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  • My youngest needed a costume. As a volunteer EMT on the local rescue squad, we ‘borrowed’ splints, I dripped ketchup ‘blood’ down his face and shirt, wrapped him nearly head to toe in ace bandages, and sent him out. He came home with the airsplints in his trick-or-treat bag. “They got in the way!” Living in a rural community, distances between homes meant his brother walked too fast for the poor kid!

  • My most-recent-favorite Halloween was spent out of town at a friend’s house. There was no big party or anything, we just dressed up a bit and gave out candy, but it was nice. 😀

  • Halloween is full of memories of family each one just as special as the other.


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