I am soooo thrilled. HEALER’S GARDEN is a finalist in the 2011 Eppies in the PARANORMAL EROTIC ROMANCE category. There are so many wonderful authors who have finalled. This is so exciting.

Here’s the blurb from Healer’s Garden

In the female dominated society of the 23rd century, mating with a male, even if it is to save the human race, is a distasteful task and one Healer Jahara Hriznek has successfully avoided—until now.

Brenimyn is a gifted breeding instructor at the Garden of Serenity. Forced to copulate with all females requesting his services, he yearns to find the one woman who responds to his touch. When Jahara arrives with the new class of breeders, Brenimyn’s body immediately aches for her, but convincing the stubborn healer that sex between a man and a woman is more than just an act for procreation proves to be a challenge he refuses to fail.

Jahara doesn’t want to enjoy the sinful rapture only Brenimyn brings to her body. Brenimyn has no intention of dousing the flames of desire licking at them until Jahara is completely his—body, mind, and heart. But when the government finds their loving relationship a threat to the natural order, there may be more than their stubborn wills at stake.

And a Brand New Excerpt:
Slumping against the seat of the open-air vehicle transporting her back to her residence, Jahara inhaled the aroma of the flowers filling the spaces between the buildings. Her day had begun so badly and though she hadn’t thought it possible after the incidents at Gabriella’s office, it had actually slipped downhill from there.

Gabriella abandoned her shortly into their tour of the facility to perform emergency surgery on a woman who was losing her fetus a mere ten weeks into her pregnancy. Jahara had been turned over to Mykilai Solodon, an apprentice healer. The woman had nothing but praise for Gabriella Bresilee, who apparently, in this woman’s eyes, could do everything but walk on water.

Everywhere the apprentice healer had taken her had been filled with women who knew of Jahara. She wanted to believe it had more to do with her Dame being the administrator of the territory than her own healing talents. Whatever the cause, the accolades had been so overwhelming she’d ditched her tour guide and found a quiet spot in a secluded courtyard to simply meditate in peace. But even that respite had been short-lived.

Gabriella had found Jahara and taken her to the quick care clinic, another section of the hospital where no males were allowed. Jahara spent her day healing women with broken bones and repairing torn skin from accidents that happened, for the most part, out in the agricultural section of the Garden. Not only were the tasks time-consuming, they required a great deal of her healing energy. Normally, no one was asked to work several hours in a clinic like that alone.

As her light had poured forth, so had the venerations until the whole clinic seemed to have filled with Garden employees who wanted nothing more than to see Jahara work. She had never experienced anything so draining in all her life.

Now all Jahara wanted was to return to her temporary home, shower off the feeling of all those people, call Merenith and tumble into a deep slumber. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all that would be expected of her. There was still the issue of her breeding guide and her first copulation. None of the day’s chaos had erased that thought.

Jahara slogged up the walkway to her living abode. Her hand missed the pad several times before she connected and saw the light of the fingerprint scanner illuminate her palm. The tumblers clicked, the door slid open and the spicy scent of cooking food assaulted her nose.

Someone had been in her house—again.

As she peered into the oven, she wondered why they bothered with any type of security measures. No one had mentioned the cooking service, but then again, it seemed there were many secrets the Garden kept to itself. Jahara sighed. At least she didn’t have to fuss with preparing an evening meal before her unwanted guests arrived. She pulled the tunic over her head, turning blindly toward her bedroom and the warmth of a water shower. It was an unlimited commodity here at the Garden.

“I hope you don’t mind that we cooked the evening meal.”

Screaming, Jahara covered her body with the clothing she’d just removed.

The petite woman standing in the living room doorway did not hide her amusement. “My apologies, most honorable Jahara,” she said. Her disproportionately large breasts bounced in the deep V of her dress as she bowed. “I am Ishawny, your breeding guide. They told us you were expecting us.”

“I was…I mean, I am.” The realization of what was to come slammed into Jahara, forcing the air from her lungs. She needed some time to prepare. “I’d like to freshen up if I could?”

“If it would please you, we could join you in a bath?” Ishawny stepped forward, the caramel ringlets of her hair shimmering in the soft light.

Why did the woman keep referring to herself in the plural?

“No, thank you. I’m quite hungry.” Actually, she’d lost her appetite.

Disappointment deflated the breeding guide. “As you wish. We will serve you the evening supper then complete the ritual if that would please you.” Ishawny bowed again. “Before you freshen up, I’d like to introduce my breeding partner this evening.” She stepped to the side and invited an unseen man into view. “My usual breeding partner has taken ill, but a most skilled breeder has agreed to take his place.”

Jahara gulped for air as a man stepped next to Ishawny. If it were possible, Brenimyn looked more gallant than the day before.

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