Okay, so it’s banned book week and in conjunction with this week I want to celebrate all the Bodice Rippers and Smutty Trash that has given me hours and hours of enjoyment. I have many books that I have read and loved, but are now currently overflowing several bags beside my bed.

So I’m having a BOOK GIVE AWAY right here on this blog!

My plan is to fill a shoe box full of your favorite subgenre of romance. Well, how do I win you ask? I’m going to make this uber easy. Just leave a comment on this post between now and Sunday, October 2nd by 4 pm EDT telling me whether you enjoy the depiction of shifters and vampires in current stories or do you prefer the classic “rules”. And maybe none of it is your cup of tea.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula was anything but sexy with his pastey white skin and bloodlust. Nothing like the sparkly skinned vampires of the young teen throbs or sexy vampires like Reese Colton who no longer bite humans and can walk in the shadows of daylight.

Perhaps the original werewolf stories of the men who transformed into bloodthirsty monsters on the full moon is more your taste. It’s definitely not the sexy heroes of today’s paranormal romances like Cole Takoda who are more driven to finding their life mate than hunting humans.

The fact is, authors (including myself) have taken liberties with the “rules” surrounding these creatures. We bend and twist and shape them to fit our needs and storylines. Some authors walk a closer line to those original concepts. Others, veer completely off the path. And I’m curious which you prefer. And perhaps none of them strike you. Maybe you steer clear of these paranormal stories, preferring your romance be rooted in today’s society or back in Regency England. I’d just like to know.

One person who leaves a comment on this post between now and SUNDAY, OCT 2 at 4 pm EDT will be chosen at random to receive a box full of romance books from me! (**NOTE books will be shipped to US or Canadian residents only. If an international winner is picked, they will receive a $20 Amazon gift card in lieu of the books.)

So tell me … what’s your favorite subgenre of romance?

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