So it’s another long weekend and one that brings the unofficial close of summer. Boo! It amazes me how many people love autumn. Probably because it means cooler temperatures. But for me it’s just the precursor to winter. A very long, very cold season in Maine. Summer could go on until Halloween if it were up to me … but its not. LOL!

But I doubt that’s why you stopped by. I suspect you’re here as part of the LABOR DAY BLOG TOUR. This tour runs from Friday, Sept 3 to Monday Sept 6. There are 27 authors and a TON of prize giveaways to those who visit all the blogs. In addition some authors (like me) are offering individual contests on their blogs.

I think I’ll give away an ebook of any of my books to one person who comments this weekend on my blog between now and 4 pm EDT Monday, Sept 6. But of course, I should give you something to comment on. Hmmm, what shall it be? What shall it be? Well, perhaps, if you don’t mind, I’ll post some pictures of hard working men and you can let me know who you think works the hardest. I know it’s a lot to ask, but just bear with me…

Perhaps it’s the construction worker …

or the cowboy …

or a fireman …

but I shouldn’t leave out the business man …

I just don’t know. Seems to me all these hard working guys ought to have a little break from the drudgery of their jobs. Let me see what I can do! In the meantime … you all enjoy the rest of your tour.

And if you’re wondering what I’m talking about you can start HERE and enjoy alllll the posts and be entered in the giveaway!

47 Responses to Hard Working Men BLOG TOUR!

  • I agree Nina, they all look like they could use a break.
    Have a happy Labor Day weekend.
    Carol L.

    • Carol – Hee hee … they sure do look like they need a break from their hard work. Hmmm … brings a couple of hot scenerios to mind. 😉 Enjoy your weekend as well!

  • I say the construction worker works the hardest, but I might be SLIGHTLY biases, since I am married to one!

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  • I say anyone that goes to work each day is a hard worker. Even the stay at home parents that no one sees as a real job.

    Oh and can I have your firman please he looks so nummy lol.


    • Drea – Ain’t that the truth about the stay-at-home parents. A very tough job indeed! And the fireman … you’ll have to wait until the end of the weekend at least … then I’ll see what I can do. *vbg*

  • Serve me up some of that fireman, please! Big congrats on your print release of Healer’s Garden. That’s fabulous news.

    Happy Labor Day weekend, though I HATE saying good-bye to summer. It’s my favorite season.


    • Adele – Thanks so much on the congrats. It was such a wonderful surprise to end my summer! And the fireman sure is hot. I think he creates more fires than he puts out. LOL! Thanks for stopping over. Enjoy your long weekend. {{hugs}}

  • Hello!

    There is something about firemean which makes me weak at the knees!

    Thanks for the blog tour.

  • I’m with Adele. I’ll take the fireman please.
    Congrats on your print book too. 🙂
    Have a fun holiday weekend.

    • Shelley – Thanks so much for stopping over. I’m completely jazzed about “Healer’s Garden” being available in print.

      I’ve written one fireman story, he turned out to be a vampire. Soooo damn sexy! I’m sure I’ll have to find a way to finagle one into another story. (Of course the research … including some very hunky firemen didn’t hurt in the writing of that story either.)

  • Ooookay… the Fireman or the Cowboy? Hm, tough choice! I guess I’ll go with the fireman, ’cause I got a fire to be put out.

    • Maddy – ROFLOL … yes, but don’t forget, the cowboy knows how to go for a long, hard ride. 😉 Oh, you knew I had to go there. *snerk*

  • Nina!

    I’ll be different. I’ll take the businessman — there’s just something about unbuttoning a man’s shirt to reveal lickable abs.


  • *fans self* does it really matter who works the hardest as long as we get to look at pics like that? Can someone pass me a towel so I can wipe the drool off of my chin and err….my computer


    • Dawn – Oh shoot, I forgot to post the drool warning at the start of the post. Sorry, any damage to keyboards is totally the responsibility of the viewer. *vbg*

  • Loving that buisness man. Nothing sexier than an unbuttoned shirt and jacket.

  • The fireman makes me look all hot and sweaty.

  • Fireman hands down…. I love hot firemen but it would be nice to see maybe a “stay at home” dad cause we all know how hard stay at home moms work, lol


    • Brandy – Whenever I think of a stay-at-home dad I think of Michael Keaton and the movie he did. Pretty sexy indeed. And funny. A hero with a sense of humor is always good.

  • I will go with the fireman because it is the most dangerous.


    • Loretta – Definitely one of the most dangerous professions. They’re always running “in” when everyone’s running “out”. Takes a special person to do that. (Of course I would have included a police officer if I could have found a great picture of one … how come police departments don’t do calendars?)

  • Hmmm….they all look like they work hard, but give me that businessman! 🙂

    Thanks for the eye candy Nina!

  • Well, they all look like “hard” workers to me. I would like to invite them all over to go skinny dipping and cool off for their reward!

  • Since I am married to a firefighter, he always gets my vote.

    • Cathy – Ohhh, you lucky lady you. I loved doing research for my vampire firefighter. I talked with the husband of a friend who is a firefighter–and a sexy Irishman at that. Yeah, that research didn’t kill me. 😉

  • Hi Nina, all hard-working men are a turn on to me… as long as they also work hard to please me…

  • Thanks for the eye candy! Yummy!
    I’ll take the businessman. He can do “business” with me anytime! :o)

  • I think they are all hard working and need a break.

  • If this eye candy is what’s happening in your neck of the woods, I wanna live where you live.

    • Dalton – Snapped the pictures just last week! (Well, the fireman was the week before when I visited the station. *vbg*)

  • I think the fireman works hardest since he puts his life on the line every time he goes to work. And all that heat leads to a lot of sweating, which leads to him needing to be wiped down, which leads to….oh, sorry, got carried away.

  • Nina, thanks for the photos to give us blog hoppers a thrill! There are a lot of hardworking men (and women!) out there who deserve a break! You don’t have any teachers among your eye candy, but I think many of them deserve our thanks and appreciation, too 🙂 Happy weekend!

    • Fedora – Ummm, I think that last guy may be a business professor at the local college. 😉 Seriously, with school going back in I do think we should give a shout out to our hard working teachers. They definitely have one of the hardest jobs. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend as well Fedora.

  • Thanks for the great pictures. Really like the fireman. Do you happen to have one of a park ranger? Nice hot man out in the woods.

    • You know when I asked about a park ranger, it was just for fun. Now I really need one. We just had a visit from the neighborhood bear again. He’s raiding my garbage can as I type this.

      • Beth – UGH! Those nuisance bears are not only annoying, they can be dangerous. Good luck with that one. Sorry I didn’t have a hunky park ranger to send your way. Good luck with that one.