w00t! w00t! The news on people buying Kindles and Kindle books is nothing but encouraging. USA Today reported in July that Kindle continues to change and adapt to remain competitive in the market place. The price of the ereader has dropped significantly making it more affordable to more people. This change just further supports the fact that Amazon’s kindle books out sold hard cover books recently. Go digital!

What does this mean to me? Simply put, more readers with digital devices may very well find their way to my books. I had an epiphany in the middle of the night (which seems to be when my muse pulls me from my sleep to “chat”) and that was including KINDLE buttons on my website to make it that much easier for readers to connect to the kindle version of my book! Yay me! It’s a tiny thing …


But just click on it … oh, come on, you know you want to! I’ll wait!

How cool is that? Of course on my website buttons take you directly to the book page. Sometimes I’m just brilliant. *pats own shoulder lovingly*. (Yep, and no lack of self-confidence either. LOL!) And ooookay, I came up with the idea, but it was Jenn at Sapphire Designs that actually did all the programming … because she’s amazing like that!

So tell me … what are you reading these days. Ebook or print? And if it’s an ebook what do you read it on?

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