Okay, so the Emmy’s were Sunday night. I watched them when there was a commercial break in the “Bond” movie Mr. Nina was watching. (Now, before you get your panties in a twist, Mr. Nina would happily have watched it in the other room, but I HATE running two televisions and lighting two rooms … I’m cheap like that.) ANYWAY … I’m not usually big on watching the award shows. But I LOVE seeing all the day-after programs with all the fashions.

I don’t always agree with the fashion police. Take these for example …

The fashion police hated them. They thought the one on the left looked too much like a prom dress and the other was too … different. (Plus they didn’t like her hair.)

But they gave this …

high marks. Seriously? Heidi Klum can’t even sit down in that thing. Personally I think she left a third of the dress at home … talk about prom!

And how dare they disrespect Betty White?

“They” said her dress looked tie dyed and wasn’t elegant enough. The woman is 88 years old and still walking the red carpet and winning Emmy’s! Did they expect her to wear the little black number above? Cut me some slack!

There were some misses in my humble opinion …

I’m not sure why Mrs. Hanks liked this look, but I can guarantee she didn’t leave home thinking “wow, I look really crappy, sure hope someone notices”. Yeeeeah, somehow I don’t think that crossed her mind.

And this brings me to the guys. They actually grade them? Why? Because it’s so hard to go to your lailor and ask him to make you a black tux that fits? Ummm … NOT!

Guys have it so easy. No one says anything about their hair or their makeup. There’s no worry about whether or not your nail polish is too showy or whether you should wear the ultra-high heels that kill your feet or the lower ones, that aren’t quite as sexy just so you can walk in the morning. So they have to shave or have that sexy day-old stubble look … wah! Cry me a river. Sure there are those that rip the guys apart because they didn’t polish their shoes or wore a bow tie instead of a skinny one. But really … no one cares.

The guys have it so easy.

I suspect some of those ladies are no different than me after a book release. Crossing their fingers that the red carpet reviews are wonderful and if not stellar … than at least nice. And maybe they take the advice of their publicist and ignore the reviews. The fact is, that dress isn’t going to make people watch a show or buy a movie. I’ve never heard anyone say “Hey, check out this show, that actress has got great fashion sense. She got all “A’s” for her Emmy dress.”

Then again, maybe it’s not the same thing at all.

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