Thank you everyone for hanging out with me and joining in the fun. But here’s the truth about me.

1. Champagne lunch in Grand Canyon: Mr. Nina and I vacationed in Las Vegas sometime around 2007 or so. I set up a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon from our hotel. And I got to sit in the front seat! We flew over the Hoover dam and right down into the canyon where we were treated to a champagne lunch. I LOVED the tour. Poor Mr. “motion sick” Nina … not so much.

2. Went over waterfall in innertube: Okay, I was young and stupid. Mr. Nina and I trusted his very gutsy older brother to take us safely down a “quiet” river in Connecticut in inner tubes. Of course he was in a kayak. (I should have known I was in trouble at that point.) When he told me we were entering a “tricky” part of the river I did have second thoughts … but I hate to be out done by the guys. So I bravely paddled until I was sucked down over a dilapitated dam. Yeah it was a good 10 or 15 foot drop straight into rapids. When I got caught in a backwash, Mr. Nina’s brother bumped me out and safely to shore with his kayak. Fun day.

3. Skydiving: It speaks for itself. I did indeed step out of a perfectly good plane out on to the wing strut and stepped off into nothingness. It was one of the most peaceful experiences I’ve ever enjoyed.

4. Valedictorian: Hard to believe, but there were actually three of us .01 of a point apart. So that year the University of New England graduated tri-valedictorians. One of them a summa cum laude, 3.89 GPA, marine biology major. A water disaster swamped my trunk full of memorabilia and the only thing that it did was wash the honors off my degree … I have no proof. LOL!

5. Volcano and 7. Dolphins: actually go together. Mr. Nina and I were fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii for 10 days. In preparation I went to one of those spray-on tanning places and I looked goooood! But the day we went to the volcano I stood near one of the sulpher vents. The fake tan started running down my legs. I ran back to the car and patted it with a napkin. It dried … all blotchy. And that’s the tan I had on my legs for the rest of my dream vacation.

On the same trip, Mr. Nina surprised me with an afternoon swimming with dolphins. Heaven. They feel like rubber and I just fell in love with them. Cross another thing off my bucket list!

AND THE LIE … #6. Times Square! I lived in Poughkeepsie, NY for nearly two years. We were newly married and only 45 minutes out of the city with a place to stay. AND WE DIDN’T GO! How dumb are we? But of course that New Year’s Eve we ended up at a remote restaurant who’s Spanish-speaking chef continued to take reservations long after there was no room … including us. Long and the short, we were so laid back about our dinners (since they’d run out of food) they offered us champagne and free drinks and invited us to stay and party with the family. We ended up staying until 3:00 in the morning! So no Times Square but a great memory none the less.

So the winner is:
She’ll win an ebook from my backlist.

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