Okay, I’ve said this before … I don’t have stories just clamoring in my head. I’m not one of those writers with more stories than time. Ah hem … thruth be told … just the opposite in fact. Lots of time to fill and panicked about what story to do next.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I don’t have writing to fill my days … I do. I just don’t have what so many authors describe as characters screaming in their heads and stomping their feet to have their stories told. Lord knows I wish I did. My stories develop slowly. Unfold page by page as the characters reveal themselves. Yes, of course it’s my subconscious knowing where the story’s going long before I do. Still, it’s a little nerve wracking having no idea the killer’s motivation until they finally spew it out at the end of the book.

Which brings me here. I want to develop a paranormal series. One that allows me to build a world of fantasy with characters that I fall in love with (and in turn brings the reader along) where I can let my imagination soar. I gotta tell you, that’s when the muse is the happiest. Since I’m such a visual writer I’ve been searching the internet looking for inspiration, wondering every time I come across a really cool picture if that’s going to be my next hero or heroine.

But I haven’t found juuuust the right place or the right character. I usually start with the heroine’s. Ya know … until this moment I didn’t even realize I did that. Huh. Aaaannnyway …

It’s really not just because the paranormal genre is exploding. Though that is a nice little perk to coming up with a great series. It’s because I’m happiest finding myself immersed in an unknown world going places I have yet to discover and causing problems as big as my imagination.

But here’s my problem. I don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off. There really is nothing more fun that closing yourself in a room full of authors (or readers) and doing some crazy brainstorming about story lines and worlds to explore. I am so jealous of authors who have that kind of support system around them. But alas, I do not. When I was a kid my family would sit around the dining room table talking about all kinds of fantastic things and wondering “what if”. When my own children are home I find we still do this, but it doesn’t happen very often with their busy schedules. Ah well, I’ll muddle through. I always do. But if you have any suggestions … I’m all ears. Throw it right out there. Nothing is too odd or too strange. Erotic or not. I’m easy.

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