I fuss about them. I wait anxiously for them. I hold my breath as my computer connects to the site, wondering what I’ll find when I get there. What am I talking about?


Yep those little blurbs that come with numbered stars (or ribbons or books or tombs). I read them ALL. And of course I have to swallow my pride when the review is less than stellar. I mean come on. I wrote it and subbed it to my editor believing the readers would really enjoy the story. My editor worked hard fixing it here, tightening it there so it would be the best it could possibly be when it went out into the world. Publishers certainly don’t give contracts to books that they believe wouldn’t appeal to their readers. So the long and the short … I want my story to be loved.

With 10 books out in the world I’ve had my fair share of reviews and they’ve run the gamet from amazing “top picks” to the “don’t bothers”. And the funny thing is they can be for the same book. Sometimes, like scores from a contest, I learn something from the reviewer. They have a very valid point about the plot or a particular character. I really don’t mind those reviews.

But I currently have a review out that’s a 1 out of a possible 5. And the comment? “I didn’t read this book, but the cover is the same as XYZ author’s cover”. Whaaat? I have no say on my covers. That’s not my fault. Fortunately several people marked the comment as “not helpful” which I appreciated. Another low score I got was at a site where the reviewer stated “I’ve never read erotica, but there seemed to be an awful lot of sex in the middle of a good story.” I’ll let you be the judge of THAT review.

Some authors are better than I, they don’t read their reviews. I’m not at that point yet. I scour every single one of them and take every one of them to heart. But here’s the funny thing. I don’t RELY on them to help me discover new authors. When looking for a great read, I don’t ever go to review sites to see what they have to say. I buy my books based on the author and/or the back cover blurb. Period.

Which brings me to this question … How do you feel about reviews? Do they influence you to either buy the book or put it down and back away slowly? Because you know me … I’m always curious about this stuff. 

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