I may be a self-proclaimed techno-idiot, but I did manage to make it through college. And I do spend my days working on my computer. But the truth is, I’m not a gadget kind of gal. I have no desire to have phones that play music and games or find the newest fusion restaurant. I’ve just recently learned how to text. Seriously. It’s just not something that appeals to me. But I’m being forced into the 21st century and I’m less than pleased with this development.

It’s my computer. *sigh*

I’ve had this desktop for nearly 10 years. That means I’ve watched operating systems come and go and I’ve been pretty smug that mine has never crashed (and I’ve had no desire to get the biggest, fastest or newest). I know exactly where the buttons are to do any operation on my computer. My hard drive could be compared to a doctor’s office … various rooms filled with file cabinets overflowing with files filled with documents.

But … the little men in my computer are totally overwhelmed. When I ask them to retrieve something for me, they roll their eyes, give me that “are you serious?” look, shrug their shoulders and run into the bowels of my file rooms to retrieve whatever it is I’ve asked for. What this means is it can take a reeeeeeaally long time to pull up a picture or a document. And if I ask them to do two things at once … well they have an apoplectic fit, create a committee to discuss it, make decisions on how they’re going to split the duties THEN they head and out actually perform the multiple tasks.

So I knew it was time to replace my old friend. I’ve been talking about it for over six months. Mr. Nina finally got so sick of me complaining about the speed of my computer that he took me by the hand, drove me the three hours to the big city and pushed me kicking and screaming into Best Buy and made me tell the nice salesperson, Ryan, what I do for work and what I wanted my computer to do for me.

Mr. Nina didn’t talk much, except when it came to bytes and ram and caches. That’s where I get lost. Not because I don’t understand, but mostly because I don’t give a s**t. I mean the truth is, I don’t understand the difference between tera, mega, giga-thinga-ma-bobbers. And it’s only because I’m a visual person. I understand centimeters and how that relates to kilometers, but I can see them. Memory isn’t something you can “see”. (Watch my blog for the next installment of this computer discussion at the end of the week.) Anyway, I digress.

After we’d gotten it down to two or three models, the two of them decided which computer was the best bang for the buck. About three hours later, after they’d added my email program and the office suite … because Microsoft is looking to squeeze out all your pennies by not including the things everyone uses … we walked out of the store. And if Little Boy Blue hadn’t been home this weekend it would still be in the box two days later. As it is, it’s temporarily set up on the coffee table in my office. The thought of trying to transfer 10 years worth of stuff onto the new computer is just too overwhelming.

Not to mention I have some programs that are throw backs from the early 90’s that won’t transfer over. And these are programs that I love. My bookkeeping program that holds both personal and business expenses and income, a photo program and a card making program that I use for my promotional material and now, the new Windows 7 doesn’t have the movie maker program I use to make book trailers.

Yeeeeah, I so don’t want to do this. I know. I know. Give me this week, I’m working myself into it very slowly.

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  • Let me find it. I have one of those Radio Shack TRS-80’s around here somewhere. I’ll send it up.

    But, someday, you’ll be glad. I know you will. And I’ll tell you that every chance I get.


    Congrats on the new hardware.

  • Congratulations on the new computer. I’m not sure how I feel about Windows 7, it seems to me that you shouldn’t have to loose programs with a new system but we are talking about Microsoft. I’m still using Windows XP Professional but have the disk to upgrade to Windows 7 but then won’t be able to use my Palm…so I’m in the same place….when I decide to get rid of the palm, I’ll make the switchover…lol
    Good luck

  • Roscoe – I don’t know. The computer is sitting behind me and I swear it’s giving me the evil eye. Any chance of you taking a road trip to Maine? There might be a kilt in it for you …

  • Maria – EXACTLY!!! You hit the proverbial nail! I have XP also. I love it. It’s served me well. But it’s not available anymore. Why??? Why does microsoft do this to us???? I REALLY don’t see this as a good thing. I’ve seen Word 2007 and I don’t think the changes made anything more user friendly. Thanks for feeling my pain…

  • Nina, Nina, Nina, I feel for you. I too lost my dear friend, laptop, this week. I opted for one of the little netbooks. I think I have commitment issues. I couldn’t bring myself to sink $600+ into a new laptop. I don’t know, maybe I’m hoping the computer fairy will come and save my laptop for me. The netbook has Windows 7 and my laptop has XP. I WANT MY XP BACK! *heavy sigh* Technology keeps forging ahead whether I’m on board or not. And here’s my shameful secret. I don’t even have a cell phone… but I feel that change coming soon. It’s days like this that I long for the times when cartoons only played on Saturdays, pencil, paper, and paste was all you needed for school supplies, and kids could lay in the back of the station wagon on a long trip and nobody thought your parents were horrible.

  • I feel your pain. I switched to a MacBook about 18 months ago and am still finding out things I didn’t know it could do. While I love it, I still miss some of the MS programs. I did find recently that one program I loved is now available for Macs and downloaded it.

    A suggestion, just your writing files to the new computer. Keep the old computer for your programs that won’t move over. That should make the old one much faster. Nothing says you can’t have two computers.

    Give yourself some learning time.

  • Boone – I can’t even imagine if my computer went down unexpectedly. It’s one of the reasons I’m trying to beat it to the punch. And I totally hear you on the new technology. I think I would have been happier in the days when there was no television or radio. Though I can’t imagine writing out my manuscripts long hand on paper. I guess I just need to embrace it.

  • Linda – I actually wanted to go with a Mac but there’s no one near me to help with that HUGE learning curve. It’s not that you can’t figure out the platform, it’s just that if someone shows you it moves things along much faster. Mr. Nina actually suggested the two computer thing as well. *sigh* I just don’t know. I’d like it simple. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  • I couldn’t stay away. There will be a lot of torment and pain, but you will survive it. I promise. Just never expect anything to ever be as easy as it used to be. Tech advancement always means more steps in getting something done. What use to take two steps will now take at least six.

    That’s because in the tech world, typing is considered obsolete. As long as a person can click the mouse, they’re all set. For those of us who prefer not to get carpal tunnel syndrome, there is no hope.

  • Ha! I agree with Pam… you’ll get used to it. I promise!

    My last laptop was six years old before the men inside gave me the “We’re too old for this stuff,” look. My kids use it daily without any problems to surf the net and such. I still love that computer, but the software I use the most, well doesn’t.

    I bit the bullet and got a new computer last March (Late Bday present from my hubby) The new laptop has Windows 7. I don’t find operating 7 much different from XP (Thankfully I skipped Vista all together). I actually like 7. Not all my programs transferred to the new computer, but there are ways around that. New programs that are actually easier to use. Patches for Windows 7 that will allow them to work, and yes, even online programs like Google Docs. I have my writing expenses and assets there. I can even share it directly with my accountant, if i had one.

    Take a deep breath, my friend. Soon enough you’ll be wondering why it took so long to switch.


  • Nina,

    I feel your pain. I just want to turn the thing on and have it do what I want. The less I have to do the better.

    I’ve been told that the Mac’s are very intuitive and that’s the way a lot of people are going. When my old laptop dies, I think that’s what I”ll go for. It makes me nervous and the price tag is hefty, but it’ll be good. Now to convince Chuck.

    I also used the TRS 80 when I was in fourth grade. It was the first computer in our school.

    Good luck. Take the bull (computer) by the horns.

  • Pam – You’re just a fountain of good news. LOL! Hopefully the learning curve won’t be too steep. And I agree with you, in trying to make things easier Microsoft has only managed to confuse everything.

  • Lori – Everyone says just jump in … I’m working up the nerve. Hopefully you’re right about it not being too difficult.

  • Jillian – Really, I would have gone Mac if there was some teenage type person around to help me when I backed myself into the inevitable corner. They’re supposed to be so much better. But it didn’t happen so I’m left with Microsoft whether I like it or not. 🙁

  • Keep the old computer as your PERSONAL computer. If it’s not so overloaded it should work just fine. And use the new one as your professional computer.

    We have, uh, six computers at our house for two people. All have their uses. And we’re happy.

  • Anny – I have a feeling that’s what I’m going to have to do. With all the big programs off the old computer, it may just run a little faster. But at this point, I just can’t see shutting it down completely. Now to find another corner in my overcrowded office …

  • Well, yeah. Mine’s sitting on an extra little table on the side. It’s worth it.

  • My son had one set up in the other room, but he’s off at college and it’s packed up. I’ll probably adopt that space. Of course I’m not going to tell him. LOL!

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