I’m not sure when it happened. When did humans, men and women a like, decided that nature had completely screwed up by covering their bodies with hair. Who needs that inconvenient stuff anyway?

Now don’t get me wrong … a little trimming here and there I completely understand. But this whole love of the laser mystifies me.

True, hair is an evolutionary throwback from our primate ancestors. And since we don’t live outside, our bodies don’t need the covering required by other mammals. But the fact is, the hair on our bodies does serve a purpose. When your body is chilled, goosebumps rise on your extremities leaving an air space where body heat is trapped. The hair on our head is actually a protection for our brains from heat.

But it’s not that hair I’m actually referring to. (Yep, I’m going to go there.) It’s the fascination with pubic hair. Or lack of fascination with it. Pubic hair actually serves a purpose people! Not only is it visual evidence of sexual maturity. it collects secreted pheromones making us more attractive for mating and it actually helps reduce friction during intercourse. I know, I know. Women remove the hair so they can wear those slips of material that pass for bikinis these days. *g*

But why would people feel the need to be bald? It just doesn’t seem natural to me. Am I missing something hair, errr, I mean here?  

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