For the last couple of years I’ve sat diligently at my computer trying to come up with 13 somethings every week that would amuse my readers. I really liked doing it … most of the time. But it always came complete with pictures and that’s where my time got sucked away. So …

I don’t usually make resolutions. I’m one of those people that makes them then doesn’t follow them just so I feel a little naughty by sort of “breaking the rules”. Dumb I know. But that’s me. (I don’t take my daily calcium either because it’s as risky as I can get these days. LOL!)

Anyway, I’ve been really toying with this blog and trying to figure out what exactly I want from this little corner of the web. I mean ideally, I’d love people to stumble over here see all these wonderful books that I have and buy a copy or two. But that’s not going to happen … or not very often at least. But I think it’s sort of what I expected when I set up this blog.

Now, it’s not like I don’t have something to say or opinions about things … ask any of my family or friends and they will tell you I’m about the most chatty person around and opinions? Well, let’s just say I was raised to speak my mind even if I don’t agree with everyone around me or more often … especially when I don’t agree with the people around me! But I often get a little noodgie expressing them on the internet. For one, they never go away and two, they always seem to get misconstrued. And anyway I’ve found throughout 2009 there were just too many things pulling me from the one thing I need to focus on … writing.

So the one resolution I’m going to make for 2010 is that I’m probably going to be doing less memes on my blog that suck my time and do a lot more “me” things. I’ve already cut back on several of the places I used to hang out on the web. Though I’m sure Facebook and Twitter are habits I won’t be dropping any time soon. LOL! And that’s another reason this blog has become less important to me. I have other outlets to share my sorrows and celebrate my joys.

It’s not that I won’t be blogging. But I’ve given up on Thursday Thirteen and I think I’ll just be hanging out here and posting a couple of times a week. I know that doesn’t make for a great blog and people aren’t going to be beating a path to my site, but you know, that’s okay. I’ve got some great goals set for 2010 and with perseverence, hard work and a little luck I’m going to achieve them.

I hope you’ll drop by now and again, see what I’m up to, maybe find out about a book or two of mine. And definitely leave me a note once in awhile to let me know you were here.

Here’s hoping your 2010 is a blessed on as well. 

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