If you talk to any author … and it doesn’t matter if it’s a top seller at a NY publisher or a newly pubbed e-author … I think they’re all going to say one of the hardest things about the publishing industry is marketing.

Every author wants to find the one thing that gets their book information out to the readers. I know, I keep talking about this because it’s such a difficult tight rope to walk. Especially when it comes to spending hard earned royalty dollars. Everything from maintaining a website to gifts to give away in contests. It costs.

Now there are those free things an author can do. Like chatting on live chats or now doing blog-talk radio (er … which I know nothing about), posting excerpts on Yahoo loops through to having a blog. And there it is, my new four letter evil word … B-L-O-G.

You know, this week is the second anniversary of Around the Writer’s Block. I’m very proud of the fun I’ve had hanging out here chatting with everyone. I’ve celebrated accomplishments and shared my setbacks and disappointments. And I’ve really enjoyed having this space of the web to chat about anything and everything. As an extrovert, my blog gave me the opportunity to reach out beyond my little world that is my office and “be” with people.

But things have changed.

Now there’s twitter and facebook. These venues also give me an opportunity to jump up and down and share the wonderful things that happen or pull out my soap box and express an opinion. It’s not like I’ve run out of things to say … it’s just that I don’t think I have ENOUGH interesting opinions and events in my life to entertain so many people in so many different places. And of course, since there’s cross over, it’s not like I can duplicate the same amusing anecdote all over the internet without driving a few people insane with the repetition.

What does this mean? It means I’m sitting on the fence trying to decide if I really want to hold onto this corner of the web. Do I really want to continue blogging? *sigh* I just don’t know. I love having a place to display all my book covers. I like being able to put up my links to great reviews. But then I wonder if the information in my sidebar isn’t just to stroke my own ego.

I just don’t know. I’m not even sure how a blog slips into a cyber graveyard. Am I supposed to hold services and final blessings? or do I just let it quietly slip away into the darkness? I haven’t figured that out yet either. 

Anyway, I just thought I’d mention that I’m wrestling with this. There aren’t a whole lot of people popping over to read my musings. And for those of you who do … you have no idea how much it means to me. Anyway, I’m just trying to figure it all out and decide where best to spend my time visiting and marketing on the internet. Obviously I haven’t made any decisions, but I’ll let you know when I do.

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