This week I was searching for something and I couldn’t find it … anywhere. Which got me to thinking of all the things that you need when you NEED them. When there’s no substitute to replace that object. And just because I’m so happy to have my blog back online, I’ve invited a few of my favorite guys to join in this Thursday’s fun. 

1. Paperclips/Staples – When you need to put papers together to file nothing else works and when you’re out of both of these it’s enough to send an anal retentive person over the edge. (But I’m sure this cowboy could wrangle me back under control.)

2. Plunger – C’mon, you need an explanation? (This wet guy can help plumb my pipes any time.)

3. Pen/Pencil – Try to get someone’s phone number without a writing instrument … yeeeeah, so not going to happen. (And I’d hate the opportunity to give this guy my phone number, email and every password I use.)

4. Elastic – The rest of the world calls them rubber bands. For someone who likes to organize things, this is another essential that doesn’t have a replacement. (I’m sure this cowboy could find some interesting ways to use those rubber bands.)

5. Books – Nothing drives more insane than getting to the doctor’s office/vet/dentist/kid pick-up and finding I have nothing to entertain myself. Leaving the house with a book is as essential as wearing a bra. (Though I’d certainly put down the book and spend a little time with this guy.)

6. Tape – Try wrapping a birthday present without it … nuf said. (On second thought, who needs tape when you can be wrapped in someone this fine.)

7. Matches – When you need them you need them. Whether it’s lighting a candle, the gas stove or the fireplace unless you’ve got flint and a piece of metal … it ain’t happening. (And I’d hate to be without matches when this hunk asks for a light.)

8. Paper – When you’ve got to send something out, whether it’s a confirmation letter or the insurance info, there’s nothing in the house to replace this. (Also … refer to #3) (Umm … what was I talking about?)

9. Nail file – I have brittle nails. The corners often snap or crack. Without the emery board they’d be a jagged mess. (And since I’d like to drag my nails down this guy’s chest, I’d hate for them not to be trimmed.)

10. Computer – A couple times my computer has contracted the equivalent of the H1N1 and had to go to the computer hospital. *gulp* Those are very long days where my hands were tied. (Though this young thing could certainly help me pass the time.)  

11. Phone – I didn’t really appreciate this little gadget until one of my kids lost their cell phone. Ack!! I couldn’t reach them while they were on a road trip. It drove me insane. (Of course I’ve certainly got this guy’s number.)

12. Change – Please tell me I’m not the only one who searches under the seats and in the cup holders and in the bottom of my purse so I can get a little something/something from the fast food drive thru! (Oh, yeah, now that’s a whopper!)

13. Glasses/Contacts – Blind=Nina so without my spectacles I’m dead in the water. No television, no reading and definitely no computer work. (And here’s a vision I’d certainly hate to miss.)

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