I literally drove into my drive way at 7:30 pm EST last night. There are so many things I want to tell you about my 10 day trip out to Romanticon in Richfield, Ohio (which is absolutely beautiful by the way). But as I sit here realizing I didn’t pre-load a blog for today the only thing I can come up with is all the reasons I’m NOT doing a Thursday Thirteen this week.

1. Even though I shut down about 80% of my emails before I left, my inbox is overflowing and I just don’t do well when I can’t finish answering all the messages.

2. I am tired beyond belief. Even though I slept in the most amazing beds, they were kingsize which meant I couldn’t find Mr. Nina and without him close by I just don’t sleep well.

3. I needed to unpack. Mr. Nina likes to take care of the suitcases so that means my clothes got piled on the bed. I still need to take care of them before I fall into bed.

4. I didn’t want to mess with uploading pictures. And since all my 13’s involve pictures it means I couldn’t do any of the fun ones I have planned.

5. I’m doing laundry. Suffice it to say Mr. Nina had no clean unmentionables.

6. I didn’t get online very often during our trip and I had to check out facebook and twitter and see everything I’ve been missing.

7. Did I mention I’m really, really, really tired?

8. My brain is fried and I couldn’t think of anything funny.

9. My animals require my attention. I have a cat sitting in my lap and the dog is at my feet. No matter how many people live in this house for some reason they all think I’m the only one who can take care of them.

10. There’s a STACK of mail that requires my attention. I hate going through the mail.

11. I’m hungry and my brain doesn’t function when my stomach is growling.

12. I have to balance the checkbook. And after the hit it took … this could take awhile.

13. Did I mention I’m walking on empty? I am so tired, my eyes are crossed!

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