It’s everywhere these days. The celebs do it on the red carpet. Your friendly bank teller isn’t immune and yes, right into the board room it’s becoming the new “thing”. I’m talking about SKIN. From cleavage to bellies, shoulders to butts … it’s hanging out everywhere.
Now, don’t think me a prude. I don’t want to go back to the time when even ladies showing ankles was improper, but I’m not sure how I feel about this new freedom. Young women especially don’t think anything of having the better part of their breasts exposed when they’re wearing tank tops. They lean over and whisper your ear … I mean where is your gaze supposed to go? It’s not like I don’t have the same equipment, but curiousity just draws my eye straight to the exposed cleavage … and I’M A WOMAN!

I feel for men these days. Breasts and bellies are sexual. Trust me. I know this. I write about it every day. Poor Mr. Nina came home from the office one day talking about a woman who sat across from him at a business meeting with a lot of cleavage hanging around. He had a hard time trying to figure out where to look. Another day a young lady turned and bent over to retrieve something from the file cabinet and her pants rode down low exposing her thong. He felt like a pervert and he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Which brings me to the whole UNDERwear issue. The key word being under. I’m not sure when bras became a fashion accessory, but that’s one thing that drives me insane. I hate it when my bra strap peeks out! When a young lady’s shirt is so tiny that her bra shows over the top or around the sides then it’s not really a top is it? But now it’s almost a fashion statement. I am happy that the whole “whale tail” trend of showing your thong over the top of your lowcut jeans waistband seems to be a forgotten fad. That one just squicked me out. We sat behind two young ladies at an honors gathering not so many years ago at the high school. Their pants came down so low they nearly had butt cleavage. And of course their cute little thongs (that matched their tops) curved up and around their hips. I was sitting with two DADS … and I was heartsick for them. I couldn’t help staring all night, I can’t imagine how they felt.

When I wear a top that shows a little cleavage and I see a man’s eyes wander south, I don’t react. What do I expect? I mean, let’s face it, aren’t we hoping for a little extra attention when we put on that sexy bra and low-cut shirt? Otherwise we wouldn’t wear them would we? Or am I way off base there?

I know some woman get offended when people drop their gaze to their cleavage. Why? Let’s face it, when a guy wears his jeans slung low on his hips … you look. Out of curousity. The eye naturally travels down his stomach to his … ah hem … fly. We can’t help it. But we’re lucky, we’re woman. Men consider this kind of attention an invitation or at the very least … a compliment.

I know this new trend is only going to continue. I’m just not really sure how I feel about it. So I’m throwing it out there. How do you feel when someone checks out your cleavage? Does it matter if it’s a man or a woman? And how does this whole new flesh-fest affect you?

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  • Is it a case of flaunt IT if you’ve got IT? I wish I still had IT. Actually I still got IT. I just got a lot more of IT and no one wants to see IT.

  • And your critique partner falls on the floor in a fit of giggles. Nina and I are alike in many ways folks… as much as we are opposite! Why I recall and indepth convo with her once about brazillians and thongs.

    Viva the thong…. anyhoodles.

    It doesn’t bother me. If it is tastefully done… it can be lovely. It if is trashy it is trashy. On teen and tweens–I have issues. Call me old school but dress tastefully and like a lady and you are treated like one.

    I can go either way. But then again one kid under my belt and in my thirties and I have a hubby dang proud of my abs. >GGGGGGGGGG< I’ll show them tastefully on occassion.

    Just not while Nina is around with her quill….


  • I don’t mind it, usually. Of course, since I was raised in a nudity-friendly atmosphere, I tend to take it less sexually than other people might. But since you posed the question Nina, here I go with my opinions! *grins*

    I think that if you have it, and flaunt it, that’s great. But own it! I think it’s very hypocritical of women (since I don’t know a man yet who gets insulted if a woman checks him out…) who show off cleavage (or anything else) to get offended when men don’t ignore it. If they want men to look elsewhere, then they really should dress in a way that reflects the direction they want someone looking. Highlighting their cleavage will have someone looking.

    Really, people should try to dress in ways that flaunt their assets and hide their flaws. Try! I’m a big girl, I believe that I look good, but you won’t see me trying to pull off a belly shirt. A corset-style top, however, will suit my body type very well!

    I also think that clothing should reflect the avenue. So at a religious service, I don’t want to see teenage girls wearing miniskirts and tank tops. That just doesn’t strike me as respectful, and it makes me wonder what their parents are thinking! The more formal the setting, the more formal the clothing should be. And I think that we should respect the fact that other people are affected by our choices in clothing.

    Okay, I’m going to stop now. I could go on about this, but I think y’all get the idea.

    Dena Celeste

  • Nina knows me and knows I’m not a prude. I do have a definite opinion about this. Don’t show it unless you have a body that’s in shape to be showing. I’m also right there with the teen and tween thing. I’ve raised two girls. One wanted to hide herself and the other – well she liked to flauntt. Bit of a challenge there.

    I really feel for the male teachers these days, they have to work in an evironment where they are suspect for inappropriate things and children dress in inappropriate manners.

    My youngest daughter is now teaching in college – Yes TEACHING. I get a kick out it, she’s a TA. She says it’s very hard for the male TA’s who have to be professional and avoid the female students who – Yes bend down to get better grades.

    So I have no problem with showing skin if done with taste and not for a distasteful purpose. Mom’s try and keep your young girls dressed – I know, it can be a challenge. 🙂

    However, all the hunks out there, the low ride jeans are just great.


  • Kelly – That seems to be the case for many of us. LOL! 😉

    Vivian – *shudders* Yeah, it’s the “hanging” out that’s really offensive. I don’t think it’s rude to say that.

    Jen – Really … sometimes I can’t trust you with any conversation! Will I never live down the brazillian? LOL!

  • Dena – Well said, all the way around.

    Donna – Teaching has got to be nearly impossible these days. The situations you describe are just icky. Why would girls do that? Never mind … I know why. And moms helping daughters dress? Well, all I can say is thank goodness I’m passed those years. I don’t envy moms these days.

    And a good looking guy can always wear low slung jeans and no shirt IMO! ;D

  • It isn’t new, by any means, but the fact that people are wearing these clothes to offices, etc for work seems to be a bit ridiculous. Now, don’t get me wrong..I love seeings a bit of skin (especially bare chests on men) but there is a place for showing the bare necessities, and there places to NOT show them.

    I feel that (and I may be called old-fashioned) that bare skin clothes should not be worn to the office, the boardroom, or places where a modicum of professionality is expected. I worked with a gorgeous gal who felt it was proper to wear extremely low cut (or see-through) blouses, skirts with kick pleats that showed her bare (no pantyhose) legs nearly up to her panties,bare feet in what we used to call “chippy-slippers” (those ultra sexy sling back sandals that have one tiny strap across the toe to keep them on) etc. She wore toe rings, loved to paint her toe nails, and she wore glittery ankle bracelets.

    Now, she was drop dead gorgeous, and anywhere else but in an office filled with drooling men who couldn’t pay a moment’s attention to their work when she would trip past, those clothes would not bother me. But the lady didn’t realize that her attire in an office where elderly folks came to visit and conduct business might have been a bit “outre”!

    Yes, I’m totally jealous! But no…those clothes were not for professional office wear. I got yelled at by the boss for kicking my shoes off and going stocking-foot around the office when I wasn’t interviewing. This lady showed her bare painted piggies all the time and he let her.

    Note: Just before I retired, she got the job I was trying for for over ten years. But I did notice that she wears business suits, nylons, and closed shoes now. Hmmm.

  • I think a little skin is okay but it’s gotten to the point “no imagination is needed. I saw a lady who had to be in her 60’s baring it all she wore a top that exposed her complete belly which consisted of fabby flesh ..scars from several surgeries and very wrinkled. It looked down right awful. I see amny sights where I work but I am sure this is the worst I ever saw. susan L.

  • Fran – I think you hit the nail on the head … where it’s appropriate and the office certainly isn’t the place!

    Susan – *shudders* Why? Why would a woman want to do that? It doesn’t compliment or accentuate anything. People turn away. You’d think she wouldn’t feel good in those clothes. But I guess, to each his own.

  • Don’t even get me started…I think fashion has gone wa-a-y beyond suggestive. As the mother of a teen-age girl, all I can say is…”I worry.” If I say more, I’ll begin to rant.


  • Adele – Though my girls and I went around and around … it’s nothing like what moms are facing now. I so don’t envy you trying to dress a teen girl. Suggestive is right with many of those teen fashions.

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