What am I up to? Hmmm … my first answer is, not much, but then I wonder why my day at the computer starts at 9ish in the morning and ends well after 10. Must mean up doing something. *g* Let’s see if I can catch you up a little.

First and foremost I’m working on the second in the Shifting Bonds erotic suspense series which is titled “Bonded by Pride”. This is Aaron’s story. You met Aaron in “Blue Moon Rising”, but he plays a much bigger role in my upcoming “Bonded by Need”.  I just love this detective. He’s sexy and funny and *sigh* worthy. I’m having a ton of fun writing him in this new book. And let me just tell you … he certainly knows how to love a woman. But I’m not sharing with you who makes his heart go pitter-patter. Let me just say … you’ve met her before! 😉

I’ve got a submission sitting on my editor’s desk at Ellora’s Cave, but I really can’t give you any more information than that. Let’s just say I’m keeping my fingers crossed because it could be the beginning of another series for me.

I took a plotting class and managed to sketch out a new paranormal book that involves ghosts and a second chance at love. I learned a whole lot taking that class, mostly that plotting isn’t for me. *g* I nearly went into an apoplectic fit when they asked me to figure out what I was going to do in the middle of the book before I typed chapter one. Eeee-gads! But the book is sketched and looks like something I’ll work on beginning in late fall.

Liquid Silver Books has invited me to be part of a really fun project and I’ve already started working on the story for that. It’s definitely a paranormal, but it may become my first romantic comedy (erotica). I love making people laugh. I have a fairly quick wit and sharp tongue (that gets me in trouble A LOT) and I’ve been asked more than once to give it a try. This might be the perfect opportunity. But really … I don’t write my stories, turns out my characters do. Anyway … that one’s in the percolating stage. Sometimes that stage goes on for months. I’ve stopped fretting about it.

So that’s what I’m doing these days. And in between that I’m visiting family at the ocean and the lake. Yeah, I’m kinda spoiled that way.  

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