So last weekend I attended the Maine Romance Writers convention. Of course I brought my camera but didn’t take any pictures. DOH! But here are the thirteen things I loved about being with my homegirls!

1. This year the convention was held at the Comfort Suites in Freeport, Maine. Turns out my dear friend Carolyn (from my childhood) is the special events coordinator! I got a nice long visit with her to catch up!

2. Jessica Anderson did not one, but TWO workshops. One on world building and one on “punching up” your scenes. She is a really neat lady and an awesome speaker. If you ever have a chance to hear your give a workshop, I can’t recommend it enough!

3. I got to see Jen, my CP, from faaaaar away. (But literally, I “saw” her and hugged her.) We didn’t get anytime to visit… June. I’m going to her house for brainstorming in June!

4. DiNee and Gary. Who? You might ask. Well, people who know me won’t be surprised I met a wonderful couple at breakfast at the hotel. They were up to go to their son’s best friend’s wedding and … Well, never mind. Suffice it to say I got their lifestory because that’s what I do. I only wish I’d remembered to get their email because that’s also what I FORGET to do.

5.  The hotel room had a fireplace and a hot tub and as much as I enjoyed hanging with my roommate, I got the feeling it wasn’t meant for a couple of authors attending a writing conference!

6. Chocolate. Every time I turned around someone had some other special treat that included chocolate. I was a very happy camper.

7. Blue drinks. Nuff said.

8. Kathy Cottrell from The Wild Rose Press took pitches and gave a workshop. Even though the subject was very serious, Kathy was very entertaining.

9. Rose. An amazing author who is also very intuitive and gifted. She channels and reads tarot cards. She did a reading for me. Amazing! I wubs Rose.

10. Friends. Friends. And more friends. There are authors from Nebraska, Rhode Island and NY who come every year to our retreat. I love seeing them and catching up with everything that’s been  happening to them in a year. But there’s never enough time for me to spend with everyone!

11. Baskets. In true romance tradition people bring baskets of goodies. Tons of them! They are filled with books and chocolate and other goodies. I didn’t win one, but I bought enough tickets to help support the chapter. LOL!

12. Did I mention margaritas? Oh, yeah, I did. But they were really good and deserved to be mentioned again.

13. All the brainstorming and writer-type talk that always goes on at these conferences. I love it.

**NOTE: Maine Romance Writers has a writing retreat every May. If you’re looking for an intimate gathering of writers … you may want to consider this for next year!

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