So it’s May. This is good. The snow is actually gone in Northern Maine and the flowers are pushing up through the warming soil. Yes, I’m happy. Yes, I’m pulling my hair out. I HAVE SOOOOO MUCH TO DO!

I am pleased that I managed to finish my shifter/menage manuscript and with a couple of revisions totally fell in love with it and sent it off to my editor. Now that’s a matter of waiting on that. With all the personal stuff going on in my life I’ve decided to cut myself some slack during May. If I manage to get some writing done … yay! If not, well, then I don’t. I’ve got a couple of stories I’m chipping away at, the next in my shifter/menage series, a firefighter story (because I totally fell in love with my vampire firefighter) and then there’s another new paranormal that has an opening scene. So I’ve got a couple things in the pipeline.

What I haven’t figured out is how to be a mom, wife, housekeeper, personal shopper AND a writer with writing and marketing responsibilities. Spending time at the computer means less time focused on laundry, dishes and cooking. Urrrr… sometimes I have to pull myself away and reconnect with the people living with me! LOL!

Added to the usual stuff going on … Beautiful Girl is graduating from college and Little Boy Blue from high school. Major milestones that require my attention. Having MS makes the planning even harder. I have only so much energy to give to cleaning and preparing. Which means I’m starting now to get the house ready for company in the beginning of June. DH is great, but let’s face it, men just don’t see messes the way women do. *sigh* I know my family won’t care if the house isn’t perfect, but I care.  Of course me stressing about it is making it worse.

So, do you have any hints on how to juggle life and writing? I know this is something all writers struggle with.

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  • Hey Nina,

    Might I suggest you hire a cleaning service to come in and whip the house into shape. Sometimes you just have to call the professionals in and cut yourself some slack. Four years ago I had 2 kids graduate from two different high schools and my middle child do the jr. high graduation thing and sweep the honors awards. It was wonderful and it was hell.

    You’ve take the right first step in taking a sebatical from writing. If you were writing full time you would be taking time off from your job, so consider yourslef using vacation time.

    Enjoy this momentous occassion and take tons of pictures. Way to go Mom you did good getting them through

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