So, I’ve been stalled. I wasn’t really sure why. Besides the paltry words I’m doing for my word goal loop (which is great that I’m writing every day, still …)I’m not getting much done. I’ve fussed and futtered and tried to figure it out. (And perhaps shouldn’t say it out loud) But I’ve come to a conclusion…

I’m tired of sex.

No, not the way you’re thinking. I am happily married after all. And let’s just say all is good there! (Our kids are mostly out of the house! Yay empty nest!) Anyhoodles …

I’m stuck on how to describe my characters doing the horizontal mamba in new and exciting ways. Ya know, so it comes across fresh, hot, and well … a turn on. And this is baaaad! An erotic author shouldn’t hit this wall. Not when the story and character development happens as much in the bedroom as the crime scene.

I didn’t expect to be here. I’ve had to type “hawt sex here” in a couple of places in my manuscript just to move my writing forward. I’m laughing. I never expected to feel this way. I love my characters. I usually love it when they find themselves fumbling for buttons and throwing clothes to the floor. But … I’m just not feeling it.

So I’m throwing it out there. I can’t be the only one who can’t find a new way to describe the lovin’ in my stories. I’m calling all erotica authors out there to share your secrets. Cause right now … I’m plain stuck.


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