I’m having one of those weeks when the stars seemed to have aligned to conspire against me. I’m behind in everything. This week I’m listing 13 reasons why I’m late with the blog and why there are no pictures to go with it!

1. Some stooopid virus seems to have infected my computer and it freezes every 5 minutes.

2. I travelled last weekend (and someone used my computer … which probably explains #1) and that always puts me behind.

3. January is when I pull together all the tax stuff for my personal account and business stuff AND all three of my children. This means cleaning out the old folders and making new and … well, trust me when I say it’s a job that keeps going.

4. Ditto the above for the medical bills.

5. I’m making a couple of book trailers for some authors. It should be wham bam quick and easy … but refer to #1 and you’ll understand why I’m pulling my hair out.

6. Furry, Fluffy, and Wild won the Love Romance Cafe award for best anthology for 2008. I’m stoked! But that means I spent time surfing around shouting the good news. (You can see the winners button over the book cover.)

7. Beautiful Girl leaves for Italy in 4 days. I’m trying to help her get things organized. (Like making sure her tax forms are signed.)

8. I’m working on edits for Divine Deception and learning how to use tracking for the first time. (It’s not hard, it’s just new to me.)

9. There’s still laundry to do and dinners to cook. (And Little Boy Blue is doing swim team for the first time which creates more of the first and requires larger quantities of the second.)

10. Our router isn’t working so two children don’t have internet access. Which means I’m sharing computer time with them. Oh, and did I happen to mention the flipping thing ISN’T WORKING RIGHT!

11. I’m going through my calendar and trying to catch up on interviews and guest blogs for people coming here and me go other places and it’s just not working. On top of that, I’m supposed to be writing another novella. That one’s been taking a back seat … which is baaaad.

12. I’m doing a presentation for my writer’s group on writing novellas in February and I’m a little freaked out about it because I’m really not sure how I do it. (And it’s bigger than that … not the teaching part … well, let’s just say it’s freaking me out.)

13. I’m finally getting a chance to read Twilight and it’s keeping me up late at night and DH is complaining that the bedside light is on too late and I should have been writing or doing my blog instead of that.

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