So I’ve been laying back for the last couple of weeks. But it’s back in the saddle this week. I don’t post goals for the coming year … avoid it like the plague. But I thought I could open 2009 with my favorite moments of 2008. Here’s the top 13 in no particular order.

1. Road trip in the summer to go visit Beautiful Girl. (We saw lots of other people during that weekend, but seeing number one child topped it off.)


2. Getting my contracts. Each and everyone of them made me smile. Okay, and a couple of times I wept with joy. But I’m queer that way.



3. All the new friends I’ve met online. I can’t believe how much the internet has opened up my circle of friends. Hugs to everyone. You know who you are.

4. Speaking at the library luncheon for seniors (as in retired). Those ladies were a hoot. I brought PG excerpts of my books and they wanted to know where the heat was.

5. Going to the Highland Games in Canada. We’ve been wanting to go for a really long time and finally just bit the bullet and made the reservations. DH and I would totally do it again. Baby Girl and Little Boy Blue … not so much.


6. Every month I made it down south to be with my home girls. The Maine Writer’s chapter of RWA is a kick-butt group of writers. I’m so happy I found them.

7. Picking up Little Boy Blue from engineering camp. He got to spend 3 days at the state university where he wants to go to school and learned all about the engineering profession. Riding 3 hours home from the camp was a chance for us to have a nice visit and I think I learned all the naughty things those high school seniors did. (My lips are sealed!)


8. The record breaking winter of 2008. More snow than northern Maine has seen in … like ever! I didn’t say I enjoyed it. I simply said it was memorable.


9. Spending 3 days with my critique partner at her house just talking writing and brainstorming plots. I was in heaven! Hugs, Jen!

10. Having a chance to ride a hot air balloon. DH insisted. I’ve always wanted to do it and it was beyond what I expected! After skydiving, it’s my favorite flying (or is it falling) activity.


11. Snowmobiling with DH. Okay, so if you look at my blogs from last winter there was more downs than ups. Still the Maine woods in the middle of winter are beautiful. And one always needs good stories about your significant other. Those trips totally added to my repetoire.

12. Visiting with my family. My sister (in-laws), my mom (and in-law), my dad, my brothers (in-laws), nephews, neices, you name it … I love seeing them all. It’s the best part of making the looooong trip home.

SExpressions 8/08
Oh, that’s not my family. It’s just a lovely summer picture … don’t you think?

13. The Kiss of Death writer’s retreat in Oct. Now that was an awesome retreat that I enjoyed from the moment the valet parked my car until I had to say goodbye. I can’t recommend this retreat enough. It’s in New Mexico next year. And if I can afford it, I’m going!


18 Responses to Putting 2008 to Bed

  • I’m with you. I’ve been out of my writing routine because of the holidays and this week I’m jumping back in. Happy TT!

  • I’m working hard to find my groove, Brenda. But I think it’s buried under the Christmas mess. 😉

  • Sounds like you had a fabulous year in 2008. Wishing you Miles of Smiles in 2009.

  • Looks like you had a great 2008! Love the pix! Hope you have a great 2009!

  • Adelle – You know, looking back it was a good year. Thanks. Hope you have a wonderful 2009 also.

    Betty – Thanks. Happy New Year to you as well.

  • Dude… and we were not even snockered.

    Hugs. More for 2009

  • Great TT! Particularly like the pic of the hot guys on the beach! LOL!


    My TT is at

  • Beautiful Girl looks so happy. Let’s hear it for Little Boy Blue and the engineering thing. If I had the head for it, I’d have become an electric engineer.

  • Unlurking to say I always love your thursday thirteen and try to catch it every week. then I can cruise thru what I missed the previous week. I was about to ask if I could be an honorary family member when I saw the pic of guys on the beach. Too bad they aren’t adoptable. Kind of liked the one in red bikinis. ^_^

  • What an awesome year you had!!!!!!! And your daughter IS beautiful.
    Great TT, Nina.

  • Jen – I know! Next time we get together there’s going to be more than one blender of the green drinks. Hope it’s not long before we can do it again!

    Paige – Thanks for visiting. Yeah, I liked them too! Happy T13!

    Alice – She was happy and relaxed then. She’s a little nervous with college grad looming. LOL! And I have no doubt my son will stick with the engineering. I’m with you … oh, to have the brains for that stuff.

    Kayelle – Those aren’t my brothers. But they make me jealous, as they get older they get better looking. Unlike me who seems to have the middle-aged spread that happens to women! LOL!

    Jen – Thanks. It really was a great year. Thanks for the compliments of Beautiful Girl. She’ll appreciate it. Happy T13 to you also.

  • Fun list. I did my recap of ’08 last week. This week is random things I did yesterday. Good thing my list wasn’t of today, cuz I haven’t done Nuttin’!!! 🙂 Happy TT and Happy 2009!

  • Seems like you had a great 2008! 🙂 I hope 2009 brings you as much joy and good things.

  • Where did you go on the hot air balloon ride? Was it in Maine? We live in the Boston area. I have always wanted to do that – I keep meaning to line one up for my mom who is in CT – she has always wanted to do it too. Would love to hear about your experience. Stop by and visit our version of the T13 too if you have the chance.

  • Orneryswife – Some days it’s so easy to do nothing. Today I actually got stuff done. 😀

    Tempest – Thank you. Here’s hoping your 2009 is filled with wonderful things as well.

    Bumbles – Northern Maine has a hot air balloon festival every fall. I’ve been watching it for years. It was amazing. My mom actually did it a long time ago when she was visiting us. I was so jealous! Totally worth every penny!

  • Sounds like you all had a great 2008! I wouldn’t mind going up in a hot air balloon sometime, but I draw the line at sky diving. Not gonna happen! Happy TT!

  • Nice roundup! I like the beach picture too 😉

  • Heather – My next skydiving is going to be free falling tandem with a master jumper. Wheeee!

    Angela – Thanks for visiting. I’m not sure where that beach is, but I’d like to think Australia. Could it be because I want to visit there? Perhaps. Those Aussie accents, yum!

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