There is no denying my head has been faaarrrr away from all things writing. I’ve ignored my blog, turned my nose up at marketing, and writing new words? Puh-leeeease. Gifts needed wrapping and holiday parties needed to be attended! A girl has to have priorities.

But contracts can’t be signed without finished novels. And novels can’t be finished without dragging my muse by the scruff of the neck (she still thinks she’s on vacation), setting her up with a cabana boy and some latte and settling down to work. I read a great quote recently …

“I hate writing, but I love having written.”

That is so me.  

So I’ve set a personal deadline and I’m going to stick to it. Poor ‘ole Zane is not going to be left hanging. Right now he’s working his shifter magic on the heroine and I left him ready to move in for the first kiss. I know, it was wrong to do that to him, but with all three children home and seeking my attention, it’s been hard to focus on love stories.

But, Beautiful girl is headed back to MA to visit with some friends for the week, and Baby Girl is on vacation from college but never home (new boyfriend), and Little Boy Blue headed out the door and back to school. Soooo …. I really have no excuses not to buckle down.

Away from the blog. No twittering (which I just started). And NO hanging out on forums lamenting about the cold weather. I’m off to work on that story. (And if you’re wondering the regular Monday interviews should be back by next week. I’m lining up some awesome authors and other guest surprises!) Later …

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