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One year I gave my sister-in-law a really tacky gift and signed it from her sister. In the confusion of opening the gifts neither sister knew what to do when the gift was opened. The receiver thought “Umm… what do I say about this ugly thing?” and the giver thought “Why would my husband buy that for her?” Me? I was laughing my butt off. (As was my DH and the brother-in-law that I shared it with.) Really, it is a Christmas classic that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to outdo.

So share with me in my comments (which are above this post) the favorite gift you gave or received and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a copy of The Healer’s Garden AND a chance at the grand prize (if you visit ALL of the Liquid Silver authors)  … a stocking FULL of ebooks including the first novella in the Tilling Passions series, Blind Love.

And of course I couldn’t have you showing up to my blog without a little incentive. How about some calorie-free Christmas candy to reward your efforts?

Don’t forget your next stop is Paige Tyler’s (http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com) blog. Stop by here tomorrow and check out the winners! Happy hunting for more Santa candy!

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  • I haven’t been able to wear the ruby & opal ring that my Mom & Dad gave me for Christmas 12 years ago for quite awhile due to gaining to much weight. Since, I just had gastric bypass in August and have lost over 110 lbs. I can wear it again. It has a lot of meaning to me as my Mom passed away the following year and my dad just a couple of years ago. I remember our many wonderful Christmas together everytime I see it…

  • My oldest went out shopping all by herself for the first time whe she got a job. She bought me a necklace that I cherish to this day.

  • Last year I got a GPS unit. At the time I thought “HUH” but I have used it at least once a week to find an address or figure out where I am going and how long it will take. I now appreciate the thought behind the gift.

  • That was some might fine christmas candy! Woot!

  • Woops hit emter too fast. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I do have a soft spot for the practical. I got some slippers last year that I have completely worn out so here’s hoping I get some new ones this year. lol

  • I have so many favorites, but I think the one that really meant a lot was several years back when my husband gave me the money to buy my first refurbished laptop for my writing. It wasn’t the gift so much as him finally believing in my writing. It was the thought that counted. I still have my dinosaur and I love it because it can’t go on the internet.

  • I’d have to say the best gift I’ve given will be this year, I hope. I tracked down a little known game from my mom’s youth and you know what the name of said game is? Get ready for it…Snatch! :-0

    My uncle, who still had the original game from when they were kids, pull out the game at Thanksgiving and we had a blast playing it, especially my 8 yr old! It was cool to see grandma and granddaughter laughing over the same game.

  • the best prescents i ever got are the ones my sons made at school, i had saved them all but we had a fire 4 years ago and lost them

    but i have the memories

  • Please turn that man over before he suffocates!!!!

    The best gift I’ve given was to my husband, a watercolour of his favorite cat, who at the time was nearing the end of her days, at age 22. He got tears in his eyes.

    Have a great, and stress-free weekend!


  • I’m with Lu, let’s turn him over!!
    My favorite Christmas memory… It was actually the 1st Christmas after my grandmother died. She was the one who kept us all together at the holidays, we all HAD to be with her for Christmas. The 1st year after she died, my cousin made a stocking for each of the kids (my mom and aunts) with all my grandmother’s costume jewelry on them as a present. They are absolutely beautiful. Another cousin had made a video of her telling stories of when she was a kid and we all sat around watching it Christmas eve. It was as if she was still there and it made Christmas easier for all of us. Aunts and cousins have all moved away so we don’t get together for Christmas anymore but those stockings are now part of our holiday traditions. It’s not Christmas without Nana’s stocking out.

  • My favorite gift I have ever given has to be anything I have made with my own hands. I do crafts for fun and have made afghans for my family in the past and this year I made throws for almost all of them and pillows for my littlest nephews, I really hope they enjoy them.

  • Oops, I think it’s my fault he’s so worn out. The poor man just passed out right after… Nevermind.

    Two years ago my (now ex) husband gave me a Sony Reader for Yuletide. He helped feed my ebook reading habit by making them portable for me!

    Carpe Noctem,

  • Love the Christmas eye candy! The year I received a ring in a rose design with 10 rubies for petals and 4 emeralds for leaves to mark our 10th wedding anniversary on Christmas day. It is one of my greatest treasures.

  • Love the eye candy. The best xmas gift I recieved was when I was very much younger- my first dirt bike from santa, me and that bike were inseperatable until it got stolen 🙁

  • The absolute best gift I ever gave was announcing on Christmas Eve at a family dinner that I was pregnant with twins.

  • Michelle – Oh, that’s wonderful I have some jewelry of my grandmom’s that is very special. And Congratulations! on the success with your weight loss. Merry Christmas.

    Debby – Sometimes those kiddos surprise us.

    Lindsey – That’s one of those gifts that seem kinda strange when we get it, but then we wonder how we lived without it.

    Julie – You’re an easy one to shop for!

  • Donna – Sometimes those guys surprise us with their thoughtfulness. And I need one of those that doesn’t go on the Internet!

    Serena – I think I’ve actually played that game! Oh get your mind out of the gutter people! It’s a real family game. *vbg*

    Angie – Those are the best. 🙁 Sorry you lost them all. But memories are wonderful!

    Lu – I keep trying, but I think he’s napping. And what a sweet gift to give your guy.

  • Debbie – That one choked me up. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful memory.

    Dianna – Homemade gifts are the best. That’s a wonderful thing to give to your family.

    Desiree – If the Sony reader has bad memories of your ex, I’d be happy to take it off your hands. 😉 (And that’s not fair wearing the guy out. Truly you should share … ’tis the season.)

    Tamsyn – That sounds beautiful. What a lovely 10th anniversary gift. Excuse me, I’ll be back in a few … oh, Honey …

    Ann Marie – A dirt bike? Me thinks there’s some stories there!

    Cathy – What a fun announcement. How old are those twins now?

  • One year when we were moving alot due to Mom being laid off and my step-dad’s job ending, we didn’t have much in the way of money, so no one gave me any money to shop for my Mom’s Christmas gift. I was 16 at the time and really felt bad about this. I still didn’t have a driver’s license yet and couldn’t drive to have a job, so I didn’t have any money of my own to use and so Mom didn’t get any store bought presents that year. I was taking a typing class in high school and our assignment was to write a catalog of memories from our childhood and turn it in for grading on the typing aspect of it. When I got it back from the teacher, I took it home and wrapped it up for Mom for Christmas. There were tears in her eyes as I explained that I couldn’t buy her anything, but she was so happy with the personal touch of my school assignment that I couldn’t believe it. It had meant more to her to share my most precious memories from my childhood, which alot involved my deceased father, that she was truely touched.

  • The best gift I ever gave was taking old 8mm and having my husband’s childhood put on video. Especially since his father had passed away quite young. That was several years ago and he still get it out and watches it. Made me feel fantastic. So it is better to give then to receive.

  • Carolyn – That’s a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing.

    Debbie – I love old movies. That would be something special and such a nice surprise.

  • The presentes that meant the most to me were when my daughters went to their dads house on Christmas Day and came home a few days later with all kinds of handmade gifts for me with their pictures on them. I still have them and they are so adorable.

    That hunky picture you had there is making it awefully hot in here!

  • The best gift I ever gave was probably a few years ago when my mom and I gave my grandmother a Mother’s Day cruise on the Queen Mary 2, just the 3 of us. It was the Inagural year for the ship and she was intrigued with going on it, especially since she had been on both the Queen Mary and the QE2. When we handed her the certificate, she was speechless and really didn’t even fully comprehend it. But it was completely worth it, especially when we first stepped on board.

  • It would have to be my DH giving me my engagement ring many many years ago Christmas Eve.

  • My favorite Christmas gifts that I gave were when I shopped for everyone using my share of the Christmas Club check as a child. We went to Pic ‘N Save and I even chose Michael Jackson’s Bad on tape for myself, which was the first album I remember buying.


  • Hi Nina,

    I’ve had so many good Christmas presents over the years that it’s hard to choose. One Christmas gift that stands out, though, is a short pink robe my sister got for me about 24 years ago. We had gone shopping together that day and I fell in love with it. I now keep it at my Mom and Dad’s house so that when my family is visiting for the night, i don’t have to worry about bringing one.

    Yeah, I know, 24 years??! Yes, I’m sentimental.

    Julie R.
    (I see there’s another Julie)

  • Val – That is really nice. Really, I love the homemade gifts the best.

    Jayzee – Oh, a gift that included you and your mom? That is really nice.

    Judy – That’s so romantic. *sigh*

    Deidre – Sounds like a lot of fun. I loved all those albums I bought with my own money.

    Julie – I don’t know why those old robes are the best, but they certainly are!

  • My special gift I treasure the most is Everyday.My husband died and cancer almost took me in 96.Now not all days are great and some are hard to get through at times but they are all a blessing.Now my daughter is grown and my son is…almost…lol We have special things that we keep that mean something to us in material ways.But it is being together is what we treasure the most.

  • Debra – Sometimes it’s easy to forget the every day blessings. Thanks for the reminder.

  • I was out shopping for gifts last year and spotted a 12 cup food proccesser. I wanted it on sight but I was on a budget for my shopping and the processer just did not fit. I startted to drop hits to my family and hoped that the processer would fit into somebodies budget. Xmas morning I am opening gifts and low an behold!!!!!!!!!!!! I received the processer. You just don’t know how thankful I was. I know it is a little crazy to wig out for a food processer but I had a 1 cup food processer and had to make some dishes in 2 or 3 batch. (I do a lot of cooking).

  • Southern Bell – It’s so nice when someone gets that special gift for us that we really wished for!

  • THANK YOU EVERYONE! for sharing your lovely stories with me. May your holidays be filled with family, love, and special moments that will make wonderful memories.

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