So this week I thought I’d share with you 13 things that were overheard in the Kara/Nina house …

1. I know it’s 11:00 Mom, but I just remembered I have an essay due in English Comp. tomorrow.

2. Thank you for folding the laundry, honey, but that’s the DIRTY clothes hamper.

3. I said we kissed. I didn’t say we were dating.

4. Every architect student should spend a semester in Italy … the experience is worth the exorbitant cost!

5. Which scene are we re-enacting tonight?

6. Where’s the Vick’s Vapo-rub? The cat sounds like she’s dying.

7. No, I don’t think asking for a $300 IPod for my birthday is unreasonable.

8. It’s pneumonia … it happens a lot with stray kittens. They should only have to keep him at the vet’s 3 or 4 days. Add the cost of antibiotics … and does it really matter? We love him … right?

9. I think you should bump up the cable package to include the sports channels for Little Boy Blue for his birthday … I think he’d like that.  

10. No, I didn’t turn the ringer off on my phone while I was at school. And yes, I will have to have a 3 hour Saturday detention. (And BTW, would you mind springing my phone from the office?)

11. But the stairs work so much better than my bureau for storing clean clothes.

12. I know that special shampoo is $10 a bottle. That’s why I asked you to buy it.

13. Yes they’re flowers. Why? Because 32 years ago today I asked you to go steady with me in high school and you said “yes”.

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