So I’ve decided to try something new beginning this week. I know the title says wordless Wednesday, but I think it requires a little explanation.

I’m a very visual person. I love pictures. My family can attest to this with my 50+ photo albums cataloguing our lives. My children grew up with a camera in their faces.

When I write books it’s like a movie running in my head as I work to put the scene on paper. My heroes and heroines require a picture before I can wrap my head around their story. In that vein, on Wednesdays I’m going to post a picture that I felt told a story all by itself.

With all the traveling I’ve been doing, I couldn’t resist this week’s picture.

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  • Here’s some comment love from your pal Jillian.

    Love the we waited for service for30 minutes. Got to try that next time.

    The thing that drove me crazy were the people who kept asking if my sister and I were sisters. We both have red hair and about the same height. One day I got sick of it and whispered loudly to my sister as she walked by, “No. We’re not sisters, we’re lesbian lovers.” I think the lady heard us. We got a great laugh.

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