Okay, I know where your mind went… straight to the gutter. But I really want it to go to the library. That’s right folks, the library. I love it. I spend lots of time there. I’m even on the board of directors of the Mark and Emily Turner Memorial library here in northern Maine …

Many writers talk about their bookshelves overflowing with books they’ve read and stacks they’re hoping to read if they ever find the time. Well, up until about a year ago, I didn’t have that problem. My reading material was shelved alphabetically by author at the library. I love nothing more than walking the aisles perusing the titles searching for my favorite authors or finding a recent release by some new writer that came highly recommended by a friend.

Our librarian is really moving into the twenty-first century. Our library has a MySpace page. (And they would love to be your friend.) And now we’re in second life. The virtual world where many people spend time listening to lectures or hanging out with friends. Sonja even put me in the virtual library in second life and if anyone clicks on my books it takes them to my website. Hey, very cool.

If you can’t tell … I’m a real advocate of my library. The reference librarian is awwweeesooome (that was me singing) and the volunteers love to ask me about my latest releases. I was even invited to speak at the senior luncheon. And I gotta tell you … that was a blast! Those ladies wanted me to read only the red-hot pages of my books! They cracked me up.

I’m scheduled to go to the reading group to do a presentation on ebooks and the publishing business. I can’t wait!

When I travel I pick up several audio books on CD. I get to listen to them read aloud as I travel the lonely hours through the woods of northern Maine. There are even videos if I’m so inclined to watch a movie. All for free.

Of course now many of my favorite authors can’t be found among the rows and rows of tombs at the library. But that’s okay, I’ll read my favorite ebooks in between those hard cover books I carry home from the library.

In this tough economy, when your wallet won’t support your book habit … I strongly recommend traipsing to your local library and carrying armloads of books home. They don’t ever charge you a thing! Except of course if you don’t return them on time. But even I can afford a nickel a day … what kind of ticket is usually that cheap?

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