This week I’m happy to welcome author, Jennifer Leeland! Jen is a dear friend I met through Liquid Silver Books. We released one of our books together and the publisher still hasn’t recovered from that party. 


Jen, I see you have many books out with lots of publishers. Could you tell us how long you’ve been writing and how you got started?
I started writing seriously in 2005 and I was published in December of 2006.  When my father died in 2002, he left behind a million books and a completed manuscript.  My mother told me he’d never submitted it to anyone, afraid it wasn’t “good enough”. 
I dabbled in writing, but also never thought anything I wrote was “good enough”.  I was determined to follow that dream that both my father and I had; to be published.

I got a few rejections but finally contracted two Christmas stories-one with Cobblestone Press and one with The Wild Rose Press.  Since then, I’ve contracted several books with Cobblestone, The Wild Rose Press, Whiskey Creek Press and Liquid Silver Books.
To be honest, though, I started writing a lot of my stories so I could kill off someone who pissed me off.  In a book.  Not for real. Seriously.

Ah hem. Right. Remind me never to get on your bad side! *vbg* Okay, next question … I know you’re working on a couple of series. What made you decide to continue your main story?
You make it sound like I had a choice!  LOL.  With “Taking Command”, the villain gave me absolutely no motivation for what he’d done or why he wanted to kill the heroine.  Everything in that first book about the villain was what the other characters saw and heard him do.  When I wrote “The End’ on “Taking Command”, the villain escaped and popped up with an entire past that sent me into a tailspin.  With that, I knew I had two more books to write. (This series is available at Liquid Silver Books.)

“The Mask She Wears” is about a group of people who all visit the same house. In a small town, there usually isn’t the BDSM clubs you see prevalent in urban areas.  Those with different sexual practices have to find other ways to meet and hook up.  “The Secret She Keeps” is the sequel and I’m writing the third.  All of them feature a very sexy dominant named David Peters, who hosts parties for those in the Lifestyle.  Again, the series began with several characters who all had their own stories to tell, so I write them until they’re done talking to me. (This series is available at The Wild Rose Press as part of their Scarlet Rose line.)

That’s a really long way of saying “I write the sequels to make the voices shut up.”

Which segues right into my next question … are you on any medication, hon? No, just kidding that wasn’t my next question. I noticed you write in many different genres futuristic, BDSM, and I know you have some contemporary stories. Are there any you enjoy writing more than others? (You like how I did that?)
Um, no medication at the moment, though I had some Nyquil induced posts that amused my friends. 
I think my favorite genre to write is ALL of them.  LOL.  “Taking Command” is a science fiction erotic BDSM romantic suspense.  (Say that three times fast).
I love to write romance, but I love suspense. Science fiction is a blast because I can do ANYTHING and make stuff up.  I love that. (Jen’s world building is amazing … trust me when I say if you visit Asberek … you’re going to want to return again and again!)

Oh, I luuuurve your “Command” series. Could you tell us a little more about those novels?
I’m so glad you loved them!!!  The “Command” series is set in the 23rd century and begins with the colonization of the planet Asberek.  Cooped up on a space ship, humans have learned to deal with the long trips through space with Virtual Fantasy Rooms.  Good thing, since Asberek’s atmosphere has been poisoned by a chemical Synthetic Endorphins Xstasy which increases sexual hormones.  The name, S.E.X. given to the chemical as a joke, belies the serious nature of the drug.  On the planet’s surface, if you don’t “take care” of your sexual needs, you’ll die.
In the midst of this chaos, two alien civilizations interfere in the human colonization which results in murder and danger.  When you add some weird cult-like rituals and DNA mutation, it gets a bit complicated, but the human beings that come to Asberek are more than up for the task.  (Oh, I jumped the gun … but you get the idea about this wonderful planet!)

What got you writing erotica and more specifically — BDSM?
I first read erotic romance and have always been fascinated with the BDSM aspects of some of it, especially Joey W. Hill.  I loved to read it, so I wanted to try and write it.  The Wild Rose Press happened to have a contest and I entered.  They published “Garden of Sin” a few months later.  The more I wrote, the more I liked it.  Writing it, I mean.  Well, I LIKE it….okay, never mind. (Jen’s blush starts somewhere around her toes … but I’m not touching that statement … if you’re interested in finding out more about she means, there’s always the comment section. I’m just sayin’…)

I need to get new glasses. Do you like these snazzy designer ones or the these with the rhinestones?
Oh the Rhinestones definitely. (Personally I like how they match the twinkle in my eye!)

Tell us a little bit about your writing habits. Plotter or pantzer? Mood Music? Favorite Food? You know that kind of stuff
I’m a panster.  Totally.  And I do have music associated with certain books but I usually don’t play it when I’m writing.  I will play it to get in the mood to write.  I ALWAYS have a cup of coffee when I write. (She agreed to hang out here only if the cabana boys kept her happy with Starbucks … and massages.)

If we asked your friends to name 3 personality traits about you, what do you think they would  say?
What would THEY say?  Oh my God!  I have no idea!  Um, talkative?  Maybe persistent.  Definitely obnoxious.  LOL.  You’ll have to ask them, I think. (Jen forgot to mention funny. When I’m around this woman I boot whatever beverage I’m drinking at the time through my nose. You’d think I’d learn, but nope. I’ve ruined more shirts hanging with Jen!)

A hot soak in the tub or a mad shopping trip to the mall?
Oh the tub definitely.  And not alone.  *wink* (Yes, Jen the cabana boys are available as soon as we finish this interview. Just a couple more questions.)

Anything else you’d like to share with your readers?
Well, “The Secret She Keeps” comes out October 17th.  “Regaining Command”, the third book in the Command Series is coming out soon. 

Jen makes amazing book trailers. Here’s the one for “Resisting Command”.

Jen has agreed to hang around awhile with the cabana boys. Oh, look she’s dancing the Macarana with them. Well, I’m sure I can pull her away long enough to answer your questions.

After showing her some comment love you can visit her website, blog (which is a hoot), or friend her on MySpace.

25 Responses to Jennifer’s “Command” Performance

  • What fun and another for the TB list. I agree her blog is funny. Thanks for the great interview.

  • I loved Resisting Command. Honestly I had never seen a male submissive captured in a way that still allowed him to maintain his masculinity outside the play area. Paul was yummy and commanding and still able be give Jenia control. Great read!

    And cool interview.

  • Lindsey – Thanks for swinging over. Jen’s blog is great! And you definitely need to pick these books up. They’re all wonderful reads.

    Inez – Jen did an awesome balancing act with the submissive/masculine parts of Paul. I just can’t say enough about her “Command” series.

  • Well, Nina, the Cabana boys have given me my Starbucks and are working on my massage. This was so fun. And the bribes were totally worth it.

  • I’m totally blushing. YOu guys are so sweet. *slips Lindsay, Inez and Nina a twenty*

  • Three things? Hmm.

    Straight Forward

    Did I mention funny?

    I loved Resisting Command and this is coming from someone who doesn’t read erotica. Very good story. *I also found Paul yummy*

    Great interview.

  • Ah, Mel. I lurrrve you darlin’. And Paul WAS yummy.
    Btw, Nina, where are those kilts you promised?

  • Great interveiw sweetie!! I think I have all of yours or have read them. LoveLoveLove the Command books, but that’s not a secret.

    Three things:
    Tells it like it is

    *raises in toast* Keep at it! We want more! 🙂

  • I luuuuurve The Mask She Wears. I gotta get the Command Series. Read enough blurbs now that I have to have it. LOL Actually, I just need to go on a spending spree and get all your stuff. 😉 Some day you’ll have to come visit me and we’ll hang out at Starbucks in Huntington Beach. Prime spot for eye candy and ideas. HEH.

  • I corrupted Diana. She was a nice, sweet writer until I got a hold of her. Buhahahahahahahahahahaw!
    And Lex, Dahlink! I have to get down to So. Cal. *mwah*

  • Melissa – I totally agree with you about Jen. Straight shooter all the way. Really? You think she’s funny? I find her oddly serious … NOT!

    Diana – *blushes* I haven’t gotten her books from TWRP, but I so totally have them on my TBB list! But the “Command” series makes me swoon! Thanks for stopping by.

    Lex – 🙁 Can I come to California and hang out for awhile with you guys. Let’s see, I pick February when the snow is piled up to my windows. When you gals get together, be sure to lift a margarita glass to me!

    Jen, Jen, Jen – The kilt ‘n dales are coming at noon and Roscoe James is leading the bagpipes. Just a little patience hon. Did you need another massage from the cabana boys?

  • You guys think I’m funny? What? Like I’m a clown? Like I amuse you? (Just imagine the NY accent. Hey! It’s not my fault. The Redneck FORCED me to watch “Good Fellas”)

    I’d love for you to make it to California, Nina. Lex and I will take you to the beach where some of the best man candy is.
    And Cabana boys are cute, but I want me some kilts, man.

  • Jen & Nina – I have a hot Scottish pal in Edinburgh. He lurrrves women writers. I’ll have to show you his pic. 24, 6’10” and just as luscious as you could ever imagine. (He’s one of the Bar writers.) We should all go visit him and his friends! 😉

  • Ooooo linky please… and Edinburgh? I am SOOOOOOO there. Research, baby. Research.

  • Jen – Well, I have a “private” collection of Darrie photos… but here’s his My Space pic. The other pics are set to private.

  • Oh, Lex will he friend some American authors on MySpace. That picture is totally drool worthy. *mopping up keyboard now*

  • Just send a friend request… tell him you’re an American author who knows Lex/Winter… he’ll prolly add you. And he is totally droolworthy. I love writing with him.

  • Lex- do you have the MySpace addie? And you write with this guy? Oh, you lucky woman! Do you do your writing over the internet or actually get to brainstorm with him face to face? *Nina asks innocently … no, she’s not thinking he will be the inspiration for her next hero … well okay, perhaps. But in my defense, everyone’s fair game in a writer’s world!* 😀

  • Nina – I talk to Darrie on Yahoo Instant Messenger usually. He’s one of the writers at The Bar, a paranormal serial that we have online. Also, Darrie has his own message board at: . He’s fun and flirty. There are LOTS of things I could tell you about him. LOL. Email me and I’ll give you the scoop. Some of it is not exactly for public consumption. 😉

  • i love these interviews. they teach me things, esp like how so many writers have so much in common. Jen, i love to watch your success grow. seems like you’re everywhere. keep liking, umm, err, writing that kinky fun scifi.

  • Lex – I’ll look him up, thanks.

    Mima – Thanks for coming over to visit. I’m glad you’re enjoying the interviews.

  • Well, I’m so glad I introduced Nina and Winter/Lex. LOL.
    Thanks Mima. I’m the slow and steady type. I started out veeeeeeeerrrrrryyyyy small and got a little bigger every book. And my butt has another pants size to show for it. LOL.

  • Hey Jen, thanks for the ‘revealing’ interview. I always love knowing what makes other authors tick or write.
    Good gosh, I need to trot out my scottish heritage — hopefully use it to my advantage, which won’t happen, but it makes a good plotline.

  • Savanna – Thanks for coming over and visiting. Another person with Scottish heritage? One of these days I’m going to have to wrangle me a Scot with a kilt into one of my storylines. 😀

  • You could write an entire book about you wrangling Scots. It would be very diiiiiirty. LOL.

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