Thanks for stopping by and I’m sorry I’m not here to chat with you. This weekend is the monthly meeting of the Maine romance writers, a chapter of RWA. Awesome group of ladies (and one gent)! But they meet so very far away from me. I literally have to take the whole weekend to go to the meeting. But I lubs them a lot. So it is sooo worth it. And this month I get to meet one of the other authors at Liquid Silver Books, Elaina Huntley. w00t! w00t! I am beyond excited.

And beautiful girl is coming up from college and meeting us at her grandmother’s house. Yay! I haven’t seen her since June! She’ll be getting lots of TLC this weekend.

Monday is another interview with a fabulous author and editor at Wild Rose Press. So come on back and check out what’s going on the beginning of the week!

2 Responses to Out on the Road

  • We love you too, Nina. You’re awesome to take the whole weekend to visit with us. It must feel like a vacation to come south to the sunny, warm weather. Heard it was below freezing this morning.


  • Michelle – Since I sat on the front porch at MIL in my jammies and drank my morning coffee yesterday, I have to admit, it did feel a little like I was in another world! It was wonderful seeing you this weekend!

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