So I thought I’d do a lazy woman’s thirteen this week. It’s shameless self-promotion again! Here’s thirteen reasons you should buy the second novella in the Tilling Passions series, Love’s Bounty.

1. It’s set in a rural town in Maine. And who doesn’t love Maine?

2. Deirdre, our heroine, was jilted by her lover… she’s given up on love and is now looking for some one night stands to satisfy that sexual itch. 

3. Our hero, Ayden Scott is an undercover DEA agent. And really … tell the truth … you love alphabet guys!

4. Shawn Jameson is a very sexy bad guy! You want to hate him, but first you have to do a little drooling!

Okay … now you can hate the sleeze bucket!

5. It’s hot and steamy! What do you expect from a Nina Pierce title?

6. Deirdre is a landscaper who looks out for herself. But sometimes trouble she can’t handle comes in small packages.

7. It’s the second in the Tilling Passions series. You fell in love with Deirdre’s dad in Blind Love … but what’s going to happen to him this time around?

8. It’s an ebook. Not only is it a great deal and you’ll save money … but you’ll also save trees!

9. Anne Cain did the amazing cover. And who doesn’t want to frame Anne Cain’s drool-worthy cover? Okay, so maybe you won’t frame it … but I did! Is that TMI?

10. Baby needs new shoes! Oh, guilt won’t work? How about if I start crying and saying I’d really, really, REALLY like it if you bought my book. No? How about if I give you a CLICK HERE to buy button? Still no? Really, the tears won’t work? *sigh*

11. Did I mention there’s some very hot sex in this book? Oh, now that got your attention?

12. Even Mrs. Giggles, the reviewer, said it was a great suspense story. And she never says anything nice!

13. And if you still haven’t seen it … there’s an awesome book trailer for the series.

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