So this week I thought I’d actually share a little bit about myself. Because, umm, that’s what this Thursday Thirteen is supposed to be about. So I’ve gathered 13 of the most memorable movies from my formative years… (1975-1983). And I’m not telling you which decade of my life I consider “formative”. Just know that if you remember when they originally hit the theater … you’re at least as old as me!

1. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
Okay, if you don’t hear the theme music the minute you read the title … you weren’t there! This is a classic Richard Dreyfes movie. Loooove It!

2. Jaws (1975)
Again … with the theme music … I didn’t do that on purpose! The opening scene as the woman is dragged around and the leg falling through the water … OMG! some of the unforgetable scenes. (Notice Richard D. is in this one too.) But “Brody” was quite the hunk. Admit it … you crushed on him too!

3. The Blue’s Brothers (1980)
“Jane you ignorant slut!” Okay, that’s from the best years of SNL (IMHO), but if you get the reference, you know who starred in this movie … Dan Akroyd and John Belushi. I threw this one in there in honor of DH who was Elwood to his best friends Jake in … oh, you almost got me to tell you which year in school. Tsk Tsk

4. Saturday Night Fever (1977)
Since this movie featured the music I used to listen and dance to … I had to include it. You can’t help but love the dance scene.

5. Grease (1978)
Since we’re on the John Travolta theme, I’ll put this one in here now. All I can say is that my boyfriend (who is now my husband) loved me a whole lot to sit through a musical at the theater. Of course Olivia Newton John sewn into those black pants in the final scene didn’t hurt his eyes too badly … I’m sure!

6. Flash Dance (1983)
Certainly a cinderella story, but come on, this movie single-handledly started the whole leg-warmer craze that kept us sweating in aerobics class. Don’t tell me it was only me.

7. Star Wars (1977) and The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
You couldn’t expect me to limit this one to just the original, could you? It’s the first time I got to fall in love with Harrison Ford. *sigh* That smile of his still makes my heart go pitter-patter. A trekkie from waaaay back, this was a must see!

8. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
And then doesn’t he go and make an action movie and make me fall in love with him all over again! Have you seen the new one? I haven’t … *pout* *pout*

9. E.T. (1982)
This is just a classic “feel good” movie and Drew Barrymore’s first (?) appearance on screen. The Halloween scene is exactly how my neighborhood looks … cars, parents, and children everywhere. Have yet to see an alien in the bunch!

10. Tootsie (1982)
I just had to throw this one in because Dustin Hoffman pulled the whole guy acting as a woman off without a hitch. Robin Williams did it later in Mrs. Doubtfire, but Dustin will always be first in my memory.

11. Carrie (1976)
I absolutely hate going to horror movies. I have a very vivid imagination and don’t need more images to add to the craziness already filling my head. But, I got talked into it by some friends. The only good part is that my boyfriend put his arm around me during the really gory part at the end. And no, I’m not telling where his hand went!

12. Risky Business (1983)
Come on ladies, it’s another song coming into your head. “Just take those old records off the shelf…” And then …

Oh, yeah! A young Mr. Tom Cruise dancing in his tightie whities! You can’t tell me that’s not a classic!

13. Star Trek: The Movie (1982)
I told you I was a trekkie from waaaay back! Nothing was keeping me from watching the Enterprise glide across the big screen. I couldn’t find a good picture from the movie, so here’s something from long ago. And come on, you thought Kirk was pretty sexy!

So there you have it. 13 of my most memorable movies. Let me know if I didn’t happen to get yours up there.

**MAJOR Edit!** Oh, how could I forget a Sci-Fi classic that has stuck with me for many, many years? Logan’s Run! (1976)

It’s a futuristic movie with lots of sexuality. I love the scene where two women enter the “sex club” and dial-up their birth control. Umm … no, this had nothing to do with me writing my first erotica The Healer’s Garden. Okay, you caught me. But I loooooved that movie! I can NOT believe I missed it in the original list!

30 Responses to Favorite Movie Perspective

  • Hmmm, our “formative years” must overlap ;D

    I’ll be brave and state my age – I was 5 when Star Wars came out, and I actually remember seeing it in the theater. I became obsessed with a capital “O” and still have all my action figures, lunch boxes, t-shirts and the like! My best friend and I were supposed to be asleep while her parents watched Jaws, but we secretely watched it as well. NOT a wise decistion on our part! I love it now, though.

    Numbers 2, 5, 7, and 8 are on my 12 y/o son’s list of all-time favorite movies!

    Happy TT!

  • I can also remember being scared by ET, and Star Wars was my first movie experience! Great picks.

  • Firefly – 5 when Star Wars came out? I was @^&, no I was *^, well, huh, the number keys aren’t working on my keyboard. LOL! on coinciding with 12 y/o’s favs. Hmmm … what’s that say about me?

    Vi – How are you? Hope things are going well. And ah hem … not sure on the age. I was called “Ma’am” yesterday by a 30-something. Ouch!

  • We sure have a lot in common, here. Formative years and all – but I wasn’t able to see ‘Carrie’ in a movie theater… All the rest, however… Yup!

    But I must tell you straight up: when it came to “Jaws”, I was a “Matt Hooper” girl, myself. 😉

    Out of this list, the film that probably had the greatest impact on me in the long run would have to be “Tootsie”. What is it about Dustin Hoffman – in anything he does, including drag! – that makes me “squee”? I love that man! LOL!

    Great list – and thanks for the shorthand on what I need to rent for the hubby to see (can you believe he hasn’t seen most of these?)!

    (And no, I never thought Kirk was sexy. Picard, however… MMMMMbaby!)

    Happy TT!


  • “Grease” was the very first PG movie I was allowed to see. I was 10. I saw ET and Close Encounters in the theater, but I was forbidden to see “Saturday Night Fever”. (Well I was 9 after all).
    Great list as always Nina.

  • MsMenozzi – Your husband’s Italian, right? Not surprising he hasn’t seen most of these. They’re very American. And you know, Piccard … yummy indeed. I’m just saying, Kirk was my first. 😉

    Jen – Grease is one of the sweet love stories everyone can watch. LOL! on the Saturday Night Fever. I think the moves were as controversial as Elvis’ hip swaying was in his time!

  • I think my favs during that time were John Travolta LOL Seriously, for a guy who couldn’t dance, he sure could move. Whew! Happy T13!

  • Adelle – John Travolta, I still love him. He has just gotten better over the years. To do something serious like “Face Off” with Nicholas Cage and then something hysterically funny like “Wild Hogs” … his versatility just amazes me.

  • That is one DAMN FINE list! I love pretty much ALL of those flicks!

    Happy TT!!!!


  • Stella – It’s definitely a “girlie” list. I think guys would think of others to add. But sure do love them.

    Debbie – LOL!

  • WHOA – I did 13 favorite movies too!
    Tootsie- I LOVE that Movie.
    I’m a smidge younger then you I suppose, I think I was 3-4 when ET came out. Scared the pants off me.

  • I loved Tootsie! One of the best romantic-comedies ever, IMO.

    Where is “Soylent Green” on your list? If you’re a SF fan, that’s gotta be up there–along with all the other Chuck Heston films like “Omega Man” and the Planet of the Apes films (first two). 😉

    Oh, and “Silent Running”. Excellent PC, green conscious film with a great performance by Bruce Dern and the robots Huey, Dewey and Louie (later “borrowed” by George Lucas for Star Wars), 😉

    I’m a diehard Trekkie, but that first Trek film was a disappointment. I was so happy with Wrath of Khan. Now, that was “old-school” Trek! 😉

  • Happy TT! Okay I love Grease it is my favorite movie with John Travolta. I also love the Indiana Jones movies and Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of my top 10. I also like the 3 original Star Wars movie but the last one just before the movie ends you see Yoda, Obiwan and Anakin, if you look at the young Anakin doesn’t he look like Hayden Christenson who plays Anakin in the new Star Wars movies? I also like the Blues Brothers movie, which is laugh your a$$ off funny. I didn’t like Carrie too much because it just freaked me out but I love E.T. very much when I saw as a kid and even since then. I think I saw Flash Dance but I don’t remember it all that well. Hope to see you at my 3rd edition about J.R. Ward at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.

  • December – Yeah, let’s go with the “smidge younger” bit … works for me! 😀

    Celine – Okay, I’m having a little giggle. I think you’re flashing your age. Planet of the Apes is classic, but a little earlier than my chosen decade as was Soylent Green (I had to watch the YouTube video, I never heard of it.) and Silent Running. But I guess I’ll have to check these out.

  • Mima – Let’s see, my first movie experience? “The Swiss Family Robinson”. I went on a school field trip … but I’m not telling you which grade. 😉 I’m so happy to see you up and about. I hope you’re feeling well.

  • Ivette – Thanks for visiting. And don’t even tell me you don’t remember Flashdance especially if the first time you saw it was on a DVD … it just makes me feel old! LOL!

  • Love ET nd Indiana Jones!


    My TT is on my blog!

  • Paige – Both are classics! But for eye candy … Indiana Jones all the way.

  • What a great list. It really takes me back.

  • Alice – Songs and movies flash me back every time! 😉

  • A very action oriented list – pretty much everything that defined that era of film. I was pretty young when Star Wars came out too, so I’m guessing we’re close in age.

  • Well, I was a teenager for most of these. So…yeah, saw them all in the theaters. Does that make me older or younger than you?

  • Our “formative” years must overlap as well. Like all of these except 11 and 13. And thanks, now I can’t get the “Close Encounters” theme out of my head.

  • Saw all of these movies, and may I say, great choices!
    I’m getting brain dead, here, or I know I would come up with some others! ;~D
    Also saw of my faves mentioned in others’ comments.
    Good list!

  • Yep, I’m thinking our ages are pretty similar. 🙂
    They replayed the Jaws movies down here over Christmas (our summer), and of course I had to watch them. Yeah, just when I’d decided it was safe to go into the water again…

  • Leigh – Ummm … I choose to think I was young when Star Wars came out also. Young at heart anyway! So in my head we’re the same age! 😉

    Gina – Are those your formative years? But now I know approximately how old you are!

    Heather – Oh, I never said I liked Carrie, just that it stuck in my head because of who I saw it with! DH still talks about that date … mostly because a friend of mine was on the other side of him, hiding her face in his shoulder. I don’t think he suffered in the viewing of that movie! Yeah, that theme just sort of sticks with you. And it’s not very long, so having it on a loop in your head is kind of annoying! LOL!

    Jeanne – I think we’re around the same age and I think we have similiar tastes in genres. 😀

    Shelley – Oh, watching a Great White shark movie in Australia, I’m afraid I don’t need “Jaws” to help me imagine the worst in those oceans! I was a marine biologist before I became a writer!

  • Oh those are great! I’ve never seen Logan’s Run, though. Looks fantastic. How about Body Heat? There’s a good one.

  • Great list! You left out Star Wars though…

  • Bethanne – Now that we have all those great effects, it looks rather cheesy, but Logan’s Run was a great movie for its time.

    Dana – #7 I listed two Star Wars movies. (But I wanted to put the whole series.

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