Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my family and my writing and paying bills, that I forget to pay attention to the big picture.

Today is Memorial Day.

And forgive me, but I woke this morning worrying about the band uniform and whether Little Boy Blue had all his music for the parade. Whether we were going to have chicken or pizza for dinner and whether or not the man had to work … and well … you get the idea.

I wasn’t thinking about …

I mean, I’ve been thinking about all the loved ones I’ve lost and how people I love will be laying flowers on their grave this weekend. I don’t live near any of the cementaries so I won’t be going, but until the vets walk in the local parade and the wreath is dropped in the river, I often forget who we’re truly remembering this holiday.

I might not believe in the reasons for the war, but I support the troops who have answered the call for our country. I weep for the families making the sacrifice to have their loved one in such a dangerous situation. And my heart aches for all who have lost someone you love.

A friend found this video on YouTube and I thought I would post it here as well.

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