Today I’m happy to welcome Barrie Abalard the second guest on my Passionate Ink cyber tour. She’s here to talk about her latest release Hot to Trot from Loose-Id.

Barrie has been writing and selling erotic romance for over twelve years under the pseudonyms Barrie Abalard, Miss Lee, and Belle. As of 2008 she has sold over 80 short stories, 9 novels/novellas, and one long novel. Loose-IdAmber Quill Press, and Discipline and Desire carry her work.

When she lived in Boston, she was a jack-of-all-trades, mastering two: radio personality and technical writer/online help designer. Barrie also did short stints as a taxi driver, clerical chartist for the Federal Reserve Bank, and temporary office worker for half a dozen companies. However, fiction writing is her first and longest-lived love. (If you can say that three times fast, you, too, might have a career in radio.)

Exes Patti North and Dylan Decker adore each other. Her problem? He cheated. His problem? Her temper. Fixing things will take more than spankings and hot sex, though that’s a good start.

HOT TO TROT, set in the often funny-weird worlds of Boston high-tech and equestrian hobbyists, tells the story of two exes who still adore each other-and still annoy each other-more than any other twosome on the planet

She’s agreed to answer a few questions. (I promised her since this is her first visit to Around the Writer’s Block that I’d go easy on her. Hee hee hee!) So without further adieu:

Tell us about your hero and give us five descriptives of his personality.
Dylan Decker is complicated, arrogant (but in a good way), funny, iconoclastic, and sweet.

The odd thing about Dylan is that I had absolutely no one in mind when I first imagined him. Usually some small aspect of someone I know will inspire a character, but Dylan sprang fully-formed from the place my muses live. (Barbara Samuel calls them “the girls in the basement”, and that’s how I think of them, too.)

Dylan has a brilliant mind for software, is tall, dark and handsome, has a great sense of humor, and also has the amount of ego necessary to found a company and be one of its officers-in other words, a lot of ego. I spent many years in high tech as a technical writer, but I never met anyone quite like Dylan.

However, he has a sensitive side-he likes to wear silk undies, he adores horses, and he’s emotionally a very complicated man. That last personality aspect was borrowed from my husband. I rather like complicated men.

In which of your books is the heroine most like yourself?
It’s Patti North, the heroine of HOT TO TROT, the book we’re talking about. Patti loves horses but isn’t a graceful rider, she grew up with few financial advantages, she’s a technical writer, she’s smart, funny (a real wiseass), and loves Champagne as well as her calico cat. Most of those things are based on me.

I never owned a horse like Flash, but I did ride a horse named Flash once, and he was just as adorable as the Flash in the story. He looked the same, too. It’s a good thing horses don’t read, or I might be in trouble for basing my Flash so literally on the real Flash.

Where did you get the idea for your latest book?
I’m still trying to figure that out. HOT TO TROT was the first story I wrote that was longer than a short story-the idea came to me back in 2001. Obviously some parts of the story were inspired by my life, but the story itself just kind of appeared in my head one day, poof. It’s been a long road to publish this novel!

I’m what writers call a “pantster” (meaning, I don’t plot beforehand, I just start writing), so Patti and Dylan came to me first, along with the title. Because I was taking riding lessons at the time (and love horses), I added the horse element. And I was working a contract at a company whose products resembled the ones Patti documents in the book.

What do you like about erotic romance best?
I love that my heroines can be fully sexual and unashamedly kinky while falling in love with the man they’ve been looking for all their lives. I love that my heroes can be alpha and still enjoy pleasing a woman in bed. And I love, most of all, that I can write stories that are romantic yet very much true to life.

What does your family think about you writing erotic romance?
Both my husband and my grown daughter are very supportive of my writing career, and celebrate my successes along with me. They both bring me such joy!

The cats could care less, as long as I make enough to keep them in cat food.

If you could change one thing about your habits, what would it be? What is the one thing you’ll never change?
If I could change one thing, I’d make myself love exercise. I mean, really love it. And be a runner, so I could wear a size ten. Okay, a twelve. I’ve never been a ten in my life.

One thing I’ll never change is my refusal to compromise when the issue is important to me. I will always write what I want to write, the way I want to write it. I will always be true to myself and my muses.

I’m so pleased Barrie took time from her very busy schedule to stop by for a chat. Please feel free to ask any questions about her book or her sex um.. er… life in general. 

Barrie writes “stories of love that hurt so good”. You can learn more about Barrie and her books on her website or her blog. She’d be happy to friend you on her MySpace.  

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