Okay, so for those of you who don’t know … I live in the deep woods of northern Maine. It’s beautiful. It’s quiet. It’s remote. It’s still winter! The joke where I live is that we have four seasons: Almost winter, Winter, Still Winter, and the Fourth of July. I didn’t grow up here. In southern Maine where I grew up (5 hours south of here) winter is icky, but not horrible!

For nearly twenty years I’ve lived here and endured. But this winter we broke all snow records. I think in the end we got 16 feet (488 cm) or so. And then to add insult to injury we broke temperature records the first Monday of spring with a record temperature of -14F (-26C)! Aren’t we the lucky ones? So today are thirteen reasons I’m sick of winter!

1. Swim lessons are going to be really chilly.

2. I’m tired of grocery shopping with the dogsled. I’d like to take my van.

3. This is the machine that caused sooo many problems over the last few months. It’s time to put it away and keep me safe!


4.  I’d like to have running water again!

5. The poor kids are climbing the walls. (Little boy blue is 6′ 5″ … this will give you an idea of how much snow is on my front lawn … do you feel bad for me yet?)


6. I can’t remember what the paint looks like on my walls:

7. My aquarium needs to thaw.

8. I’d like to drive on tar again.


9. Because this is so wrong:


10.  I want to see my front lawn again.


11. Let’s face it … I’m just tired of seeing white. A little green and some colorful flowers would be welcome!

12. Because even the birds are tired of the winter.

13. I think my neighbor said it best…


Okay, so obviously all these pictures didn’t come from my yard. (Though the bulk of them are the actual snow sitting in my yard.) But you get the idea. Pray for me … snow and rain are expected to come in this weekend.


Okay, but I won’t be here. I’m heading south to Boston for the weekend where I hear rumors of green grass and budding trees. Oh, one can only hope!

24 Responses to It’s only Spring on the Calendar

  • I just can’t imagine living with this much snow, I’m not surprised at all that you would like spring. How on earth do the birds even find food when there is that much snow on the ground – do you feed them? Poor things – that applies to the birds and to you!

    Have a fantastic time when you go away, hope it all goes well.

  • OMG! Just looking at that first pic made me shivering.

  • Wow! You sure have a ton left still. Hard to believe here in Southern Ontario it’s almost all gone. Hope you have a Spring thaw real soon! Happy T13!

  • I’m sick enough to find that appealing…

    Maybe I need to try it for real, though – I’d probably change my mind, in time. But I’ll never know, it seems.


    I always want what I can’t have. Why is that?

    Here’s hoping you get your genuine Spring soon!


  • I’m so sick of winter too…I want warm weather…Here the snow is pretty much gone but the way the temp keeps jumping who know….

  • I feel your frustration…we lived in Montana for 10 years…9 months of snow, 3 months of relatives *lol*

  • Tempest – And she has a smile on her face!

    Adelle – Almost gone in Ontario. Hey, that is so not fair!

    Ms – If snow would ship … you could have everything left on my lawn. I’d happily give you the experience! 😉

  • Savannah – That’s kind of what we’re hitting. Warm days, cold days, sun, snow. It’s crazy. I’m hoping for a loooong summer.

    Debbie – LOL! That’s what I hear about Montana. So we have the 9 months of snow, but we’re so far away, we do the 3 months of traveling!

  • I feel for you, I really do, though our show is off the valley floor now. You still don’t have to go far into the hills to get at it.

  • LMAO!!!!!!!! This is hilarious!!! LOve these pics Nina.

  • I miss snow-but those pics are great! Especially the neighbors yard LOL

  • Alice – unbelievable isn’t it?

    Mima – I’m not sure where the birds went, but it wasn’t here! Some friends say there are flocks of Robins a few hours south. They don’t usually flock. I’m thinking they’re just waiting until it’s warmer to migrate back up here! 😀 And thanks for the well-wishes. I’m all packed and ready for my trip. I’ll make sure to share the details next week.

    Jennifer – I’m sure you’re laughing right from the cozy corner of California! This from a woman who took pics of a snow flurry! It’s so unfair!

    RG – Everyone agrees with the neighbor!

  • Crazy… I like the seasons. Here in SoCal we have Wummer. That’s summer year ’round except for about 2-3 weeks in late Feb/early March where it’s actually cold, damp and rainy. The kids don’t have hallways at school and the cafeteria only has 2 walls. Quite a difference, eh?

    Happy TT! I’d love to send you some warm sunshine your way.

  • Wow! It’s 70 degrees down here on Long Island today.

    That poor little crocus you’ve got!

  • burr. but appealing in a winter way. 😀

  • If we hadn’t reset a number of records here in Madison this winter, I’d definitely feel sorry for you! Our average snowfall is around 35″ and we are now over 100. Most of it has finally melted but the weather continues to be sucky. Lots of rain this week, and now a chance of more snow into the weekend. Why can’t winter be over already??

  • Oh, boy. I’m so glad we don’t have snow where I live. I felt cold just looking at all these pics.

  • Love that last picture. So true.


  • *shudder* I hate snow! After two years in Germany and eleven in NY, I’m more than happy to deal with the thunderstorms, torrential rain and yes, even tornados in Arkansas.

    I love that last picture!

    I hope you thaw soon!


  • Okay, I was feeling sorry for myself because it’s snowing here in Nebraska, but at least it’ll have melted off by Sunday. You have my complete sympathies!

  • Kaige – I’d happily take some of that California sunshine… bottle it up and send it my way! 😉

    Paige – 😀

    Heather – It’s soooo bad everywhere! Winter should so be over!

  • Shelly – If looking at them makes you shiver, try the “real” thing! LOL!

    Gina – 70? Oh, only in my dreams!

    Morgan – “Appealing” isn’t the word I’d use! 😉

  • Chloe – The last picture makes me laugh every time!

    Shayla – Thank you… like everyone still with snow… we hope the thaw is soon too!

    Robin – I happily accept your sympathies! 😀

    Vi – *waving back* You have been insanely busy. Glad you had a minute to swing over and say hello!

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